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Comments - Decor Disputes: Marriage-Ending Headboard Makeover?

jms7 on Sep 24, 2014:

What about faux bleaching? Take some Brie wax, stir in some whiting, apply, let dry, and shone. It would be a fresh lighter modern look, and would give the grain a rich, deep, almost 3d look. I've done this to the wood doors of a 50's ranch (ash maybe, great grain but too honey colored) and it's a beautiful rich look.

jms on Sep 24, 2014:

I would not paint, and remake it into a setee, using the footboard for arms. By painting, it appears like a piece made of wood (?) that weighs next to nothing and looks like a shabby chic newbie.

Alb73 on Sep 22, 2014:

I think she did an awesome job! Just because the original was in good shape doesn't mean it went with today's decor. My moms kitchen cabinets from the '80's still look like new oh so does that gold faucet, but it's old and outdated!
I love the two colors together! Looks like the bed I recently slept in at a hotel in Paris. All you naysayers are crazy.

paola on Sep 22, 2014:

so why lash out fiercely against this poor lover of DIY ??? is this Curbly or Pillory?????

Midge on Sep 22, 2014:

Creamy white all over would have been better. The opposing color cheapens the outcome. If she put it back on CRAIGLIST, she would see how little she would get with her paint job. - on the other hand, to each his/her own.

Trish on Sep 22, 2014:

It's her furniture and as such, she may alter its appearance as she sees fit. I, personally, would not have taken this route with these particular pieces. But, that is the beauty of it. We are not the ones living with the furniture day in, day out. She is. If it brings her joy then she was successful with her efforts.

AnnM on Sep 22, 2014:

Oh gosh - this looks a lot like an April Fool's jple a decorating site posted this year:  taking a gorgeous pice of wood, slapping on a lot of colors in a fussy way......   I can only echo - couldn't she have started with a painted piece of pine or something in really bad shape?

Stacey on Sep 22, 2014:

The thing about quality wood is that it can be painted and stained almost as many times as you're willing to put in the work.

Neither the before nor the after really do it for me, but I don't like the paint job at all.

Anonymous on Sep 22, 2014:

She painted over what looks to be bird`s eye maple...that is just nuts since she basically completely devalued the piece.  

nanci on Sep 22, 2014:

Wow people. Although there are times when I don't paint pretty wood. I would say that she enhanced the details of the piece. Even if it WAS pretty to start with, there was way too much going on with the "swirls" on the wood. I love the painted version much better! nice and bright. And not "distressed" painted beyond belief. nice colors. nice job. 

Anonymous on Sep 22, 2014:

Even though i do not like dark wood much, the after looks much cheaper.. Not nice.. Would have looked better if it were all white..

AnnC on Sep 22, 2014:

Hideous.  Looks like a dime store kids room remake that went out of style in the '80s.

LL on Sep 22, 2014:

She ruined it. I'm not against painting wood, but she has zero taste and even less DIY talent. It looks cheap and tacky now, and it was a gorgeous headboard the way it was.

bruno on Sep 22, 2014:

I don't like the before or the after. I guess I'd just say that if she was going to paint it, why not look for something (cheaper) that was actually in need of a paint job (rather than a piece that was basically pristine, from the looks of it).

Kristen on Sep 22, 2014:

I think it's great that she did it. I bought a gorgeous Heywood Wakefield butterfly dining table and painted it black. Oh, the horror!... right? I LOVE IT. For those who say it lowers the value, money doesn't have to be the only way to establish value. I walk into kitchen every morning and smile. I think that's worth losing a few hundred dollars if I ever decide to sell it.


Anonymous on Sep 22, 2014:

Not a good choice in this case decreased the value of the furniture tremendously. With that said it belongs to her and if it makes her happy it is her choice doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

pat on Sep 22, 2014:

while - i love the painted look - this headboard was way to beautiful to paint. It is really cute, but I coldn't have brought myself to do it - unless it was really rough shape

(Optional) on Sep 22, 2014:

A beautiful headboard...ruined. Why would you want to lose the beautiful wood grain to cheapen it with three different colors of paint? Enough of these people who think they are designers because they can slop paint onto a flat surface.

Teri B on Sep 22, 2014:

Unfortunately it looks like a piece of cheap furniture painted.  

Danielle on Sep 22, 2014:

I think the painted headboard looks great, but I tend to agree with Mr. DeDe. I only paint wood furniture that is beyond repair otherwise. 

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