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Comments - Painting Upholstery: Experimenting With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Ellen on Jan 27, 2016:

That was really helpful -- thanks for sharing honestly about your experience!

Rena on Apr 21, 2015:

I agree, sanding then waxing does make it feel like leather. I painted dining room chairs with Annie Sloan paint and they felt like leather. Very nice and smooth...

Linda on Mar 30, 2015:

I am amazed at how much the chalk paint actually DID cover! You did a beautiful job. I am new to Annie Sloan's paints, and couldn't be more excited. I will be painting my dining room chairs -- all six -- but they are light in color, thankfully. Your experience will make MY experience easier. Thanks for the great information, and your cool story-telling skills. Lindy from Northern California

Jay on Mar 21, 2015:

After painting your chair and it's dry you're supposed to take a light sandpaper yes sandpaper and sand the fabric then put it coat of wax on the chair then let it dry you'll be amazed how it will turn out. You must follow all the steps there's also a tutorial on YouTube.

DIY Maven on Jan 21, 2015:

@Catalina, mostly because it was my sister's chair and she didn't have any wax! That being said, I'm skeptical that waxing would help eliminate that crunchy canvas feel. (It was pretty bad.) Ultimately my big sister had the chair yellow!

Catalina on Jan 21, 2015:

I loved this tutorial blog.  I was curious, why you did not wax the fabric after you painted it?  I was told it should be waxed and would give it the feel of leather................

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