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Comments - How to: Make a Modern Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

Rachel on Oct 23, 2014:

Such a cute tree!  Thank you :)

Question: could you use a saw blade on the MultiMax instead of the SawMax?

faith-towers on Feb 17, 2014:

Thanks Pam, I'm glad you liked the tutorial! The driftwood version sounds beautiful... I'll have to try that next.

pam harris on Feb 14, 2014:

I made a version of this project a couple years ago on my blog based on the now relatively famous tree created by a Swedish designer and shortly after publishing, discovered that Lowe's had published a similar tree on their website.  The following Christmas - the trees appeared in Target!!!  Obviously people love this idea and in this tutorial you have done a very nice job of  describing the construction so that the tree is accessable to crafters with an interest in creating one of their own.  They are indeed lovely little trees - I use mine as an advent tree - replacing tiny woven hearts with scandinavian ornaments as the season progresses.  But I am loving your red balls as well!  Very festive.  I am told that a friend's husband in Switzerland actually made one quite similar many long years ago out of driftwood.  They still set it up and like you decorate with pretty red balls!

faith-towers on Dec 12, 2013:

Hi Jessica - when I cut the dowels, they ended up being a bit less than 3/4" difference in length, accounting for the extra "branches." But for simplicity's sake I wanted to share a measurement that was easier for readers to work with. There are a lot of factors that go into the cutting process in this project such as saw blade width, sanding, etc. that can cause a bit of variance in the measurements, but don't worry about it too much because once you spin the branches around, any slight measurement issues won't be noticeable. Good luck with your tree!

Jessica on Dec 08, 2013:

I have a question about the cut size of the square dowels. Your tree in the photo seems to have about 22 "branches". If you start with a piece of 14" and make the subsequent pieces 3/4" shorter, you end up with only 18 "branches", and the shortest is only 1.25" long. Any clarification you can give would be very helpful. Thanks!

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