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Comments - Sharpies + Alcohol + Ceramic Tiles = DIY Coasters

Karen on Aug 21, 2018:

Any clue as to why I can still see my marks after I put alcohol on them? If I put too much alcohol then the ink basically comes off. Thanks.

Felicia on Mar 09, 2016:

Can I steal this with Epoxy resin? Will the resin react with the Sharpie marker and alcohol and mess up the beautiful marble effect?

Lori M. on Nov 13, 2015:

I'm trying the aboarve coaster project also and not getting the results as the pictures show.  No pretty designs, just a huge, ugly mess.  I am using white ceramic tiles, sharpie markers and an eye dropper to place the rubbing alcohol on them.  Letting them dry but nothing pretty is happening.  Just a big disappointment.  Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or if the instructions are well versed?  Thanks for the help.

Casey on Jan 02, 2015:

Can you do this with canvas instead of tiles?

Anonymous on Dec 14, 2014:

What a nice idea. When I TRIED it this was a horrible idea! they looked like trash. You didn't give good instructions, like any tips like maybe you should drop it from a distance. It was a great idea, but a crappy presentation.

sammy orosz on Dec 13, 2014:

I used diggers, isopropyl alcohol from bunnings,  works well, 

Anonymous on Dec 08, 2014:

Can I use this for tiles in the bathroom? Or would the colour eventually come off?

Anonymous on Nov 06, 2014:

what can i use instead rubbing alcohol?

Pooja Shah on Oct 30, 2014:

I love this n i must try this...

DesigningMom on Aug 26, 2014:

Awesome, I've done this with paint and alcohol before. It's fun. Never thought about trying it with Sharpie Markers! 

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