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Comments - The Curbly House: Our Kitchen Revealed!

alicia on Apr 17, 2018:

Hi, Nicole! Thank you! I don't recall the color of our grout, but it's a pretty true white. We sealed it after grouting and we haven't had any issues with stains. Good luck with your beautiful kitchen remodel!

Nicole on Apr 15, 2018:

5 years later and this kitchen is still modern and clean looking, so beautiful! do you remember what colour grout you used for the backsplash? we have picked out the same one but are struggling with the grout colour! thanks!

Kate on May 09, 2016:

Really lovely design. I'm wrestling with the backsplash behind my range. I see you have small tile - it looks like you have a professional range so I assume you cook a lot; is it a constant struggle to keep the grout clean behind the range? Did you use any particular type of grout and/or sealant that will resist grease, etc.? I agree about the Frosty Carrina - I saw it at an Ikea in MA and decided on the spot that it was the one!Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer on Apr 28, 2015:

Gorgeous! First thing that caught my eye was the beautiful backsplash tile. Can you please tell me where it's from! Thanks!

ellen on Mar 18, 2015:


Lovely space! I noticed your interesting sink -- it's much like mine. I've had a hard time living with it and have regarded it as a mistake made by a "friend" who cut the hole into the butcherblock. I have always wondered how he could have mismeasured for the opening causing the countertop to sit an inch back from the sink all the way around. I've been annoyed by the ledge it created on the sink itself. I can't seem to keep it clean and it always catches grime and drops of water. How do you deal with this? Do you still love it or do you have regrets, like me?

I was excited to see the cuttingboard that sits so neatly on the ledge of your sink. This looks like a hopeful solution for my dilemma. I knew I kept that cutout piece for a reason...



alicia on Jul 29, 2014:

Thanks, Selena!!!

Selena on Jul 27, 2014:

I love it! The hubs and I just finished drooling over the pix you posted. Congratulations on the completed project. 


alicia on Apr 07, 2014:

Hey Carli! Thank you for the sweet comment.

Per your question about our countertops (Frosty Carrina): Overall, we've been very happy with them. However, we have had stain issues with red wine. We've been able to get the stains out with A LOT of elbow grease, Magic Erasers, and a stain remover called "Grandmas's Secret Spot Remover". On the occassions we've had trouble with the stains, the wine stain has sat on the countertop for about 10 minutes before we realized it. For simple spills that have been noticed immediately, we've had no trouble with staining or the liquid setting in, but red wine stains that have had a chance to sit have been a problem for us. The London Gray counterops are a much grayer option and might not cause you any trouble. For now, we're getting by just fine with our stain removers and switching to white wine ;)!

Carli on Apr 06, 2014:

Hi Alicia!

Your kitchen reveal absolutley stunning! Great work :)

I have a question for you regarding your countertops. We just built our new home and chose a quartz countertop through the builder, due to our incredibly good experience with Caesarstone quartz (a pebbled grey and white finish) in our last home of 5 years. Verrrry long story short, the quartz was not Caesarstone and is staining quite terribly. The supplier has agreed to replace the countertops because they appear to be defective. For the replacement countertops, we are planning on going with either Caesarstone London Grey or Caesarstone Frosty Carrina. Just wondering how you're liking them so far and how well they've stood up in terms of stain resistance and durability. Would love to hear your thoughts. 

Thanks so much!


alicia on Mar 05, 2014:

Hi Julie! Thank you! We still love the backsplash months later. We haven't sealed it yet (it's on out to-do list). If you seal it, you should be fine. The tiles are really stunning!

Julie on Mar 05, 2014:

Oh I am so sorry if I just sent a bunch of blank messages. I thought I had to enter the numbers first. duh. I just love your kitchen, it's just gorgeous. I am drooling over your backsplash. Is it difficult to keep clean? I have a sink that will splash on it a bit. I worry about the grout. Still loving your backsplash after a few months? 

alicia on Jan 03, 2014:

@rachel yes! That's the one!

rachel on Jan 02, 2014:

With your shade you choose on I see Casuelle Milk Sugar as an option. Only option with the word Milk in it. Is that the one you chose?

alicia on Nov 15, 2013:

Thanks, Claudia!

Claudia on Nov 15, 2013:

Gorgeous! I like how the wood flooring and rug you chose give the room warmth. The whole space is crisp and clean without being sterile. Absolutely amazing makeover.  

Dana on Nov 14, 2013:

I would love to see a floor plan!

L J Herz on Nov 04, 2013:

Details about Floor?

L J Herz on Nov 04, 2013:

What about the floors?   Any special finish?

Jeanne on Nov 04, 2013:

Love your kitchen! We redid our kitchen two years ago, and you did exactly what we did—everywhere possible with the floor cabinets, we did drawers. What a back saver! We tell EVERYONE who will listen that that is the one thing they will never regret doing in their kitchen.

Kohler Co. on Nov 04, 2013:

Congratulations on a beautiful home and kitchen. We've been drooling over it all morning! 

We're flattered that you featured our Sensate Faucet and Indio sink! How do you like them so far?

Thom R. on Nov 04, 2013:

Did you have to do any wiring or insulating in the space? Any structural changes? Thanks!

Cathy on Nov 02, 2013:

Just fabulous! Great storage ideas and the backsplash is killer. A light, bright, high functioning, good looking kithchen that has style staying power! Nice work!

Morcar7b on Oct 31, 2013:

Those pendants caught my eye immediately. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, your sink link is no good, and the product name is mispelled. It's the Indio - I know you know that, but you might want to fix that so other folks can search it on Kohler's site. I have Kohler products in my bathrooms and I love them. I am really looking at their kitchen sinks now! That's our next project, a complete kitchen remodel.

A question about the kitchen sink: garbage disposal or no?

And you didn't talk about the range!

Kate on Oct 31, 2013:

I want that whole thing. Gorgeous!

Aidel.K on Oct 31, 2013:

Ditto on the backsplash--gorgeous! All of it is beautiful. Well done.

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