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Comments - The Curbly House: Our Dining Room Makeover with Emily Henderson

Carla W. on Nov 19, 2013:

Wow!! I saw the other rooms and I'm sure that this room will be just as amazing! I too love to find great deals on craigslist ,but I have a feeling that you get better stuff than me. Loving that I found this blog!

Carrie on Oct 03, 2013:

That looks like a very nice grey! I also love grey as a neutral. I used three in my house: two in the living room, one on the kitchen floor (the walls in the rest of the rooms have bright, non-neutral, paint colors). In the living room I used two Valspar greys: Bay Waves (4008-1A) and Polished Silver (4008-1B); the kitchen floor is Behr Lunar Surface (N460-3) (in a checkerboard with Behr Weathered White (HDG-NT-21)).

alicia on Sep 30, 2013:

Karin: This is a terrible thing for us to have in common! 

Kat: Thanks!

Katie: Ha-ha! Thanks! That Possini is a great guess. I fear our e-book would only include this one line: The success to Craig's List is scouring it like it's your full-time job. (And, it's not always a fun one)!

Katie on Sep 30, 2013:

Seriously in awe of your furniture scouting skillz, seriously - you guys should publish an e-book on finding cool 2nd hand stuff!

My lamp guess (only bc it's the one I would choose):  the Possini Euro Planet (love).

Kat@ournerdhome on Sep 28, 2013:

So excited to see the final reveal!

Karin on Sep 26, 2013:

We have a lot in common - including petrified mouse discovery (yuck!).  I am seriously impressed and jealous of your Craigslist skills/luck.  That credenza is amazing!  Can't wait to see it all come together.

CapreeK on Sep 26, 2013:

I'm mostly gagging knowing that you guys had to clear out ceilings full of those things... Yuck!

alicia on Sep 26, 2013:

Sorry, Capreek! We should have put a warning before that image. 

CapreeK on Sep 26, 2013:


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