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Comments - Outstanding Secretary Desk Makeover

Carole on May 13, 2019:

Great job. Did something similar with a secretary I got at Goodwill painted it blue. I love it. I don't know why so many people are in love with brown furniture.

Connie on Jul 28, 2015:

The desk looked to be run-of-the-mill manufactured furniture that is past its prime. The newly painted version is beautiful, contemporary, and to the owner's liking. I have a similar one that belonged to my great-grandfather. So I'm going to paint it, and most likely in these colors. Beautiful!

Lindsay on Nov 19, 2014:

Thanks for the feature and the few kind comments. To those who think it's ruined ... Sorry! I did do quite a bit of research on the brand before I painted to make sure it wasn't a true antique. I too would have hated to ruin a piece like this. But it would have been like me painting something bought at current day dept stores.
And I agree with the below comment "to each their own"

Anonymous on Oct 06, 2013:

I absolutely LOVE it!  I love to repurpose/paint/distress furniture.  This is a lovely classic piece and it looks amazing.  Although the original piece was nice the paint has made it gorgeous.  It always bugs me when purists get mad when people paint wood....I say "to each their own"'s your preference and YOU found it so you just keep plugging away and do as you wish!!!  It's definitely something I would have in my home.  Very inspirational!!      

MM on Sep 08, 2013:

Geeze! What nasty comments! Nice proud!

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2013:

That looks like it was a very nice quality Secretary. However, now that it's been painted over it's lost most all it's value. Better to paint over cheap quality furniture than ruin quality woodworking.

Christy on Aug 16, 2013:

Could have saved yourself the effort and bought the ikea secretary in the same color for $99.00.

Rachael Peck on Aug 13, 2013:

Thats ruined it. Why do people hate real wood furniture so much yet love cheap fake ikea stuff?

Bonnie on Aug 12, 2013:

I have a secretary that needs a makeover terribly , however, looking at the number chalked in the back and research, its Worth big bucks , it will have to be done professionally by an antique refinisher!! Great job, its lovely!

NF on Aug 12, 2013:


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