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Comments - Before & After: A Rickety Coffee Table Becomes a Comfy Ottoman

crafty grandma56 on Aug 12, 2013:

What a wonderful idea...I inherited a beautiful coffee table but am tired of looking at it yet don't want to part.  This would be definitely a solution although I think I would probably get struck by lightening if I painted it!!! LOL!! I do like the green and coincidently my couch is black leather too (I can see yours) and I think your walls are gray as mine are...tfs! definitely a keeper

Anna on Aug 11, 2013:

Great job - Love it!

Anonymous on Aug 10, 2013:

This is absolutely gorgeous!

tiana on Aug 09, 2013:

you did a great job, love it

cindy on Aug 08, 2013:

It is a beautiful piece... I guess you don't have any 193 lb high school football players living at your house! 

Charlotte @ Ciburbanity on Aug 08, 2013:


I did stabilize the legs with some screws, but the shelf on the bottom is an extra little bit of reinforcement!

cindy on Aug 08, 2013:

I like the ingenuity when people do benches from tables. I know you added a new plywood top, however I always wonder if this can truly be used to sit on? I can just imagine the whole thing collapsing.

Did you stablize the legs in some way as well?


carolynapplebee on Aug 08, 2013:

beautiful green color and a smart choice.  a coffee table has to have a drawer or a bottom shelf for mail/magazines/remotes/stray glasses.  i have to bookmark this one.

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