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Comments - Roundup: 5 DIY Composting Techniques For Creating Your Own Rich, Organic Fertilizer

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2014:

Can any of these methods be used in the winter months? I know it's cold but since it takes a long time anyway can it work?

Mark H on May 10, 2014:

Great info.  Thanks.  My questions are: 1.  Are the commercially-available composters (rotating drum-like set-ups) effective? and 2. I have a small back yard and have limited soil to add to the composter.  How important is this extra soil? Thanks again.  Mark H.

vicki on May 03, 2014:

Most the time I just dig random holes in the garden and bury it.

Valerie on May 02, 2014:

Another super quick method is to take your green materials and put them into a black plastic bag tie the top loosely. Put it in the sun. Flip it over the next day. Then again the third. Basically the heat causes rapid putrification, and it will be ready to mix with soil Ina few days.

Michelle on Apr 22, 2014:

I bought a "worm Feast" from Western Australia which are 3 plastic tubes ( for want of a better word ) with tight twist lids ( to keep out vermin ) . You bury the tubes in the ground and only the lid is seen. Rotate putting scraps in the "holes" and the worms come and go as they please ( there's no bottom ) and dispose of the scraps. Works well for me. 

gale on Apr 19, 2014:

Grama was old and little. Her composting was a 5 gallon bucket with holes poked in. When it neededd turnng over , she just put the lid on securely and us kids rolled it around on the lawn for a bit. 

Marcia on Apr 14, 2014:

How about Bokashi composting?? Can take almost everything from your kitchen-can do it inside & it's quick! I'm using a 5 gallon thermos (2 actually) and they work perfectly. No smell... Great solution..

Anonymous on Apr 10, 2014:

Throw some seaweed in for some great compost, Also helps keep the soil moist.

peter on Apr 10, 2014:

WORM COMPOSTING. Ive done this for years on my alottment and now at my house garden using 4 large wheelie bins,drainage holes in the bottom plus damp  compost and everything that can decompose goes in,after 3 -4  months bin full of  lovely compost, I then move top foot of compost plus most of thev  worms into an empty  bin  and start over...

Rubi Sussman on Apr 10, 2014:

Thanks for the tips,
I am starting a vegetable garden,
And i was very curious on how doing
My own compost.

Anonymous on Apr 10, 2014:

Do you know how to prevent raccoons and other critters from getting into and messing up the trenches and dragging food around?

Matt Allison on Apr 10, 2014:

Hi Tamara, yes, you can composts in a bin, but you'll need to have holes in it so that it can areate, I'd stick to using kitchen scraps, not meat, just vegetable scraps, grass cuttings etc.

Dima, clay is not good because it will eventually get wet again and then compact.

Dima on Apr 10, 2014:

If i add my "clay" dirt, will that work? Won't it eventually decompose to clay again?

Tammara Hahs on Apr 10, 2014:

I was wondering if you can compost in a large garbage can. If so are the steps the same as the step in above article. that you for you time.

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