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Comments - Eye Candy: 7 Gorgeous Doorless Closets

KeLLy aNN on Jan 28, 2013:

I never had a problem with dust or fading with my set up.  I could see the dust on items that are seldom used, which you may want to cover.  Fading wasn't a problem because my set up was on the other side of the room from the windows. I would try it without the covers/panels and see how it goes before spending the money.

Eva on Jan 26, 2013:

I have a question for anyone that had open closet solutions in the past: how do you deal with dust and potential fading? I'm considering this, because of lack of space in my bedroom, but I'm not sure if closing the niche (where the rod with the hangers would be) with a curtain would solve anything, even though Ikea has some cute panel curtains that wouldn't look too bad...  I would really appreciate any kind of input, before I decide to reconstruct the whole thing :)

KeLLy aNN on Jan 19, 2013:

I loved my open closet. I had purchased one of the closet shelving sets from the hardware store. I set it up to its fullest length along one wall that had a small extension wall at the end. I configured the shelving pieces so that my dresser and mirror would fit in the middle. I LOVED that set up. I too wished I had taken a picture.

Jessica on Jan 17, 2013:

I had an exposed closet for years.  Constructed it out of glavanazed steel plumbing pipe attached directly to a wall, I wish I had taken a picture before we moved :( 3 tiers, pants&skirts/shirts/shirts and a long tier for dresses :) 

I learnt very quickly to be much more organized, and the big thing for me was that I now organize my clothing by colour. When you're clothing is always on display it becomes a piece of art unto itself.

Chrisjob on Jan 17, 2013:

Love this. Great post idea.

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