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Comments - How To: Make a Modern Geometric DIY Leather Mouse Pad

CapreeK on Nov 20, 2012:

zouav - This was my first time working with leather as well! What you'll want to look for is "tooling leather", in a pretty thin thickness. Leather thickness is described in ounces/weight -- for a mousepad, anything between 3-5 ounces will be good. I bought the cheapest, smallest piece of 3-4 oz. tooling leather I could find and was able to make three mousepads. I still have some leftover, that I might make into coasters or something else! Anyway, I hope that helps!

zouav on Nov 20, 2012:

Stumbled upon this tutorial through Pinterest, great stuff. Could you give some details about what kind of leather you used for this project? So many to choose from and I have zero experience.

CapreeK on Oct 01, 2012:

@Melanie I say YES to you making one! YES! Do it. :D

CapreeK on Oct 01, 2012:

@ck8go Hmm... no? I've had a laser mouse for years and have always used a mouse pad. They don't work well on reflective surfaces, which is why you need one.

Melanie on Oct 01, 2012:

I'm saying YES to this project. Yes! I'm also a fan of triangles and black. I need to make this.

ck8g0 on Oct 01, 2012:

Arent mouse pads obsolete in this day of laser mouse technology? I mean, they were really only useful for the roller ball style mouse. Maybe you can spin it as a leather mouse area rug. Or a leather mouse resting station.

CapreeK on Oct 01, 2012:

Thanks Laura!

Laura Parke on Oct 01, 2012:

love this idea!

Monsterscircus on Oct 01, 2012:

So much easier than my leather mouse pad, so cool inspiration, thank you so much!

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