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Comments - How to: Make (the Best) Old Fashioned Pancakes

how2home on Sep 30, 2012:

Oh boy....looking at this at 10:30pm is not a good idea! I guess im having this for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us :) Looks AMAZING! 

Matt Allison on Sep 29, 2012:

Chan, it's really up to you and your taste. I love Cinnamon so I put on quite a bit, but I've met people who hate it, hence sprinkle, in my case liberally.

Blahlalaa, I roll them to make them look like crepes, but the batter consientcy is that of pancakes.

Crepes usualy have more eggs and milk and much thinner consitancy and are themselves paper thin. I roll them because I prefer the presentation. I believe a key ingredient in all cooking is love, which includes how you present your food.

If you wanted them to look like flapjacks or make a stack, just use 2 tbsp of batter and don't spread it across the pan and you'll get standard looking pancakes.

chan on Sep 28, 2012:

how much ground cinnamon?

blahlalaa on Sep 28, 2012:

Looks good! ... But I've never seen crepes called "Old-Fashioned Pancakes".. ? Learn something new everyday!

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