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Comments - Before and After: Cozy Kitchen Turns Light-Filled Modern

dog on Nov 04, 2014:

my attraction to the before picture was how I found this site - so I was very interested to scroll down to see "after" but .. how disappointing!  Definitely like the before better.  I would have cried if this was my house.  The new windows are nice.


Interior Design Calgary on Oct 10, 2012:

I agree that the original had a very rustic traditional quality to it, however I do think that the "After" looks fantastic and modern without betraying its original look.

Mageos on Oct 04, 2012:

Is it the same kitchen ?

There is too many differences between the two windows ...

(I prefere also the before more original; maybe a mix between the two could be cool ... ^^)

Anonymous on Sep 28, 2012:

LOOOOOVE the BEFORE! But the remodel is nice, too... 

EiceBleu on Sep 28, 2012:

I like the before better... :( 

ayla on Sep 27, 2012:

there are definitely some great aspects of the remodel (i love that wall of doors, and that the windows above the counters were brought down, and new light fixtures, and new appliances, and the cabinets. OH those cabinets). no love is lost with that backsplash gone, or those blue doors.

but i mourn for that parquet floor! and that sideboard! all that beautiful old, rich, well-worn wood, combined with the hanging pots and the open storage on top of that sideboard--those glass jars of dry goods, that giant mortar and pestle, all the stuff that looks curated rather than stored--gave the kitchen a real warmth that got lost in translation.

it's hard to approach things like this with a view more objective than "what would i have done differently?" (since everyone would do SOMETHING differently, every time, on every project). i think in terms of what was gained vs. what was lost, the new kitchen edges out--if what was desperately needed is gained in a remodel, it's a good remodel--but to me, as far as aesthetics go, the new design seems almost like it's at war with itself. pieces of it don't belong with the others.

still, if it's her dream kitchen, then that's fabulous for her!

MrsMeredithR on Sep 27, 2012:

Couldn't they have kept the original character-filled pieces (that vintage stove! that worn-in wood!) and added a row of windows (and maybe a better ceiling light)?

Anonymous on Sep 27, 2012:

I like the "before" better.


Elizabeth on Sep 27, 2012:

the article mentions that the remodel was to allow for more counter space, but it appears that there is no more counter space than what the home started with. This remodel is a shame, the kitchen before had such character and personality. Now it looks stock and boring.

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