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Comments - 17 Savvy Tips to Organize Your Life

Ed on Jun 30, 2014:

Hi Tiffiany,

Great article, I love inspiration like this. I should really show this to my kid's, maybe it will be more clean around the house!

You have some great pictures of different ways to store things and stay organized, I find this really useful for my home and will defniatly motivate me to be more organized. Thanks for the tip's though will defniatly come in handy, look forward to more articles from you. :)



Ericafpc on May 09, 2012:

Thanks for all of these practical and user-friendly ideas. I have shoes, jewelry, belts and other accessories all over the place! Now I'm motivated to get containers, baskets and whatever else I need to organize my messy closet!

Lez Renovate on Mar 30, 2012:

Ok but do you folks have Organizing Interns or Elves to do all your labelling and storing for you? Aack. We cant even deal with putting photos into albums or folders on our computer - everything is by date. Which is good if you want to practice quizzing yourself to maintain a sharp memory. I

Keter on Mar 28, 2012:

I scan all of my recipes, receipts, and other documents into One Note and keep the One Note notebooks in my Dropbox.  That way I get rid of paper (my nemesis) and have access to my information wherever I am.  You could do the same with Evernote, if you like that platform better.  I use One Note (not the mobile version) because my information is a little more secure since it doesn't live in someone else's database.  The mobile version syncs to SkyDrive.

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