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Comments - Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Makeover

Manu on Feb 25, 2012:

Well, it's only paper. If the buyer doesn't like it, it doesn't take a wild stretch of the mind to imagine ripping it off and painting it blah. If they are so inclined. I'm not a green person at all, but if I were to be a prospective buyer, I would think "wow, I would never have thought of that, let's give it a try". And if after a few months living in it I can't grow into finding it home, I'd just redo it the way I feel comfortable with. It's not like you are renting, is it? You can change whatever you want, and a few sq ft of paper won't kill your budget!

Ellen on Feb 24, 2012:

Why should resale drive all our decorating decisions? Nothing there that can't be modified for resale quite easily. Do what you love.


Valerie on Feb 24, 2012:

The new look is wonderful, though I have to agree with anon about the wallpaper. I love that shade of green for the walls!

Anonymous on Feb 24, 2012:

Good luck reselling.  Not too many people will want that wallpaper.  The paint color isn't much of an issue.  Use artwork and linens for color; keep tile, countertops and appliances neutral.  

Jo on Feb 24, 2012:

Moving the fridge and cutting that wall down made an enormous difference.  Just that change alone would have been enough for a lot of folks.  The color certainly POPS!

Michelle Glauser on Feb 24, 2012:

This reminds me of Mary Engelbreit.

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