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Comments - How To Make a Plastic Bag Keeper

Maria on Sep 03, 2014:

This is amazing idea. Love the idea of repurposed items. I think I'm going to d decoupage them ( all different ) and give them as gifts. Thanks So much!

Maria on Sep 03, 2014:

Thai is an Awasome idea! Great thinking......I would like to make some that w/ Decopage (all diferant ) and give them as gifts. Great Use of Repurposed Items!

AC on Aug 07, 2014:

Or you can just stuff plastic bags into an empty tissue box, and pluck them out as needed.

bruno on Jul 19, 2014:

@kykleine62 Thank for the catch! Pictures are fixed now.

kykleine62 on Jul 18, 2014:

None of the pictures are loading - no matter which browser we've tried, but are interested in making some of these for our cub scouts and their camping kits.  If possible, could the info be put in a word doc and emailed to me at an attachment?  I think it would help the boys if they could actually see what they are going to make.  Thanks in advance for your time - lots of great simple ideas here we plan to use!

Michelle on May 25, 2012:

Really cool!!

DIY Maven on Dec 07, 2009:

Solarpanels...nope, but I'd suggest edging the cuts in tape for that reason.

solarpanelsforsale on Dec 07, 2009:

This is a great idea. I am going to start right now. Do you have any problems with the bags getting ripped?

Ashes741 on Dec 23, 2007:

Oh I'm gonna do this and I think I'll Decoupage tattoo flash art to the outside to make it decorative

Hovawart on Nov 10, 2007:

I'll be doing this for our WIC office for sure. We strongly encourage people to use cloth diapers but they never ever do and they use a lot of plastic bags to take the dirty diapers away (we don't accept them, as we only have office trash pick up once a week--can you imagine if we let people put their dirty diapers in our trash?). I'm going to look for an aesthetically tinted bottle.

naseemurahman on May 28, 2007:

This is really an innovative and creative idea...thanks… and keep it up..

lalligood on May 08, 2007:

This works beautifully.  With the need of keeping those plastic bags around (to wrap up poopy diapers!), this is a welcome lifehack for storing them.  Thanks!

baconthecat on Apr 17, 2007:

Ooo nice one--better than my current method of stuffing them quickly into an overflowing paper bag under the sink and then shutting the door so they don't fly out... Ha!

GoodMom on Apr 08, 2007:

Good idea!! I just moved into a new place and my space is a little "different", so I've had to really be creative! I like this idea and plan to make one...I'm going to spray paint the outside of the bottle, so the bags don't show. Thanks for the idea!
~Good Mom~

megrockstar on Apr 07, 2007:

very creative. when i bought my pad it had one of these glued to the wall under the sink;)

Areyoumymother on Apr 05, 2007:

Yes, this is what I was telling you about!

brandonjp on Apr 04, 2007:

Amazing! on Apr 03, 2007:

Cool!  I'm on it.

bruno on Apr 03, 2007:


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