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Comments - How to: Make a DIY Modern, Minimalist Nutcracker

Anonymous on Apr 16, 2013:

I can't find an undecorated nutcracker anywhere!

Anonymous on Nov 26, 2012:

Very cool but I miss the beard. I would maybe craft a basic wooden beard to glue on before painting.

Rhonda on Dec 07, 2011:


Jan on Dec 05, 2011:

Hi Chris!  Well, it took a couple days, but here's a pretty good image of the glitter on my nutcracker.  Let me know if you think there's an easy way to remove it, or just continual scraping until it's off.  Thanks!     

Jan on Dec 01, 2011:

It seems to be a little "craggier" than yours.  I'll snag a picture and send it in the a.m.

Chris Gardner on Dec 01, 2011:

@ Jan - Can you post a photo? Is your glitter all pebble-y and craggy, or is there a generally smooth texture? If the finish is flat, a few coats of spray paint will even it out mighty nicely.

Jan on Dec 01, 2011:

My really ugly nutcracker (believe it or not, the only one I could find around here that wasn't already way overpriced) is practically covered in chunky glitter.  I saw one of the ones you have in your photos has glitter on it.  What's the best way to remove this stuff?  Or is it really easier than my mind is making it out to be?  Thanks - and great job!

R2D2 on Nov 30, 2011:

Love it. Saw exactly the same thing at West Elm going from $30-$ if. 


DesigningMom on Nov 30, 2011:

LOL Great article and transformation Chris.

DIY Maven on Nov 30, 2011:

LOVE them.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011:

Very nicely played.


Flyingpuppy on Nov 29, 2011:

Downcycling? Funny!

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