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Comments - Make some sexy storage boxes

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011:

great'm looking form something for my 3year olds room ....for his toys.  I dont want to spend money on stuff he'll outgrow or ruin so I want to exspand on this idea...

wizodd on Dec 08, 2007:

I think I saw this on Captain Kangagroo once...


Seriously, you probably would pay at least 5$ for this at IKEA.


You can make it for $3 in parts and 1/2 hour in labor...sorry, my time sells for way more than that.


Nicer looking than a shoe box, but if it lives in a closet, out of sight, who cares? 

atrophie on Aug 01, 2007:

i made something just like this (or tried to) for a temporary underwear storage box, only i spray painted it and decoupaged magazine photos instead.  mine was not as tech-savvy as yours is (i punched holes in the side and tried to thread twist-ties to make a 'hinge', whereas you used screws).  this little tutorial will definitely help me in the future!

DesigningMom on May 31, 2007:

OH my and I just put a few of my good shoe boxes in the recycle area of our garage.  I didn't squash them so I hope hubby didn't either.  I love this!  Thanks BadBadDivy!

Keter on Mar 20, 2007:

I covered a heavy cardboard file box I got at Office Depot (the white ones printed with their logo) with "brushed aluminum" paper I got at Target a few months ago and after a couple of weeks the paper peeled up and refused to stick to the box any more.  (It did stick to an old wooden cabinet used for tool storage.)  I haven't tried spray adhesive yet; at $12 a can, it might not be worth it.  So, word to the wise:  there is a possibility that some adhesives might not get along well with certain paper finishes.  :o/

bruno on Mar 19, 2007:

Very cool... I think you'd pay $10/box for something like this at IKEA or Target.

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