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Comments - How To: Make DIY Urchin Starburst Sculptures for Under $5.00!

Lisa on Oct 02, 2012:

haha I made a DIY sea urchin starburst on my blog as well!  I used wooden round sticks from Michaels (69 cents each) I used four and cut them up, and

bought a $1 styrofoam ball, and spray painted it, and added gold glitter to have a little more pizzaz! Super cute!  Love your DIY sea urchin and your blog is adorable! Check out mine when you have a chance @ Thanks for sharing!

-Lisa Nicole

al40yearoldintern on Sep 07, 2012:

Breeahna- that is strange that yours melted. Are you sure it was from the paint? Or did you use hot glue as well? 

Breeahna on Sep 06, 2012:

I used a styro ball & the spray paint literally ate it & melted it apart! So depressing! I think next time I would coast the whole ball in a coat of PVA glue before spraying, to create a barrier.

kristine on Jan 06, 2012:

for some reason my comment yesterday didnt post. i had pictures of how mine MELTED...can i email you so i can show you and ask you a question?

Kristine on Nov 15, 2011:

HAHA DUH sorry i was on my phone so i read that wrong! i didnt see that it said only in there. so yes it is the same store! thanks for the info!

Kristine on Nov 15, 2011:

That store?

al40yearoldintern on Nov 14, 2011:

Hi! Do you have a 99 cents only store near you? That is where I bought them.  the website for the company that makes them is: perhaps you can call them and ask who else carries their crystal picks?

Karen on Nov 14, 2011:

For smaller versions, use toothpicks...they look awesome as Christmas ornaments on the tree or in a bowl.


Kristine on Nov 14, 2011: having a really hard time finding these diamond picks...i have looked all over the place! the only thing i come up with is floral and wedding stuff! can you point me in the right direction please?!?!

anna on Nov 09, 2011:

Great idea!  I think these would look super in different metallics for the holidays!  I, too, love the clear one   I never knew there was a think as 'crystal picks'!  good find!

DesigningMom on Nov 09, 2011:

Oh my gosh, yet another idea to do with my daughter! I actually like the clear one the best. It reminds me of a Christmas ornament I found for her years ago, more than a decade, that I happened to turn upside down and notice it make a perfect candle holder. We found it last summer in the containers of her stuff when she went through to get rid of things she no longer wanted. It was broken. This will be an awesome replacement. Thanks!

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