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Comments - How to Make Glow Stick Lanterns

PlayAround on Mar 26, 2013:

Very kool and looks very easy im going to try it for my science fair project.

Mr fuck wad on Aug 03, 2012:

I do say so this is so gay like your dad fuck in haha

sjkl;df on Mar 21, 2012:

How many glow sticks did you need to make one jar light up? Also, how bright was the jar? Some friends and I are trying to light up our back porch with them for an upcoming party.

jksjkf on Nov 14, 2011:

what does 'coating the jar' mean?


megg on Oct 24, 2011:

The ooze is non-toxic, but the thing you break inside to release the ooze is fiberglass. Definitely NOT something to mess with.

Chris Gardner on Oct 24, 2011:

As someone who may have ingested the contents of a glow stick, I can confirm they are indeed non-toxic. And not very tasty.

DIY Maven on Oct 19, 2011:

@Walt! According to the maker, the ooze is actually non-toxic, which is a good thing because I can't imagine a kid hasn't popped open one of those sticks before just to see what's inside. I know I would have if they'd have been around when I was a kid. Heh.

Walt! on Oct 19, 2011:

Are the glasses safe for human use after being washed, or are they perma-chem'd?

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