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Comments - Giveaway: Win an 8GB Apple iPod Touch Pre-Loaded with the Caesarstone App ($199 Value!)

Chris Gardner on Oct 17, 2011:

Congrats to our winner, JOldis, who plans to use the app to help remodel her bedroom.

Good luck! We can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2011:

My bedroom!  It's a work in progress.

Vicente on Oct 16, 2011:

With the iPod Caesarstone app I would remodel m kitchen! 

ana on Oct 16, 2011:

Shared on facebook!

ana on Oct 16, 2011:

I would use this to remodle the living room because I need to paint over it and maybe pick out new furnature ! 

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2011:

I would love to remodel our kitchen, though the tile countertops with the crumbling and perpetually coffee stained grout would miss us.

Jessica Lynne on Oct 16, 2011:

I would love to remodel my mother's sewing room. right now it's so cramped and poorly organized that she feels terrible each time she goes in to sew.

Mary on Oct 15, 2011:

I'd really like to remodel my Mom's bathroom to make access for her easier--switch out her tub/shower to the walk-in kind, upgrade her toilet, and switch to a pedestal sink to give her a feeling of more space.

Anonymous on Oct 15, 2011:

kitchen, naturally

Nancy on Oct 14, 2011:

My kitchen needs new counters (and a new layout). 

Jennifer Emick on Oct 13, 2011:

I'd put a bar in my basement.

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011:

I have been struggling with what to do with my kitchen for years! I'd love to use the caesarstone app to help me settle on a design course once and for all.

Kelsey on Oct 13, 2011:

My kitchen desperately needs an upgrade. I have bright yellow countertops from the 50s that are completely falling apart!

I would love to win. :)

Karman on Oct 13, 2011:

New kitchen countertops could really improve the look of my kitchen. I'm pretty sick of the laminate fake butcher block counters that were here when I moved in.

Kristi on Oct 13, 2011:

Our Kitchen needs a remodel BAD! It's stuck in the 90s and just about everything should be replaced, from the laminate flooring, to the P-lam countertop, and the old chipped sink.  

Patti on Oct 13, 2011:

Without question it would be my very bare kitchen......using the materials to create work and dining spaces.....

What a great giveaway - thanks for offeirng it

Ngoc-Diem Nguyen on Oct 13, 2011:

My bedroom/study room/where-I-spent-99.9%-of-my-day room needs some help. Thanks!

Cristotta on Oct 13, 2011:

Hi, I don't have an account Facebook or a blog, so can I partecipate?

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011:

I never win, but might as well try anyways.

Jason on Oct 13, 2011:

Just moved into a new house where every wall is the same color of off-white.   This app would get a ton of use

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