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Comments - Before and After: Holly's Amazing Closet Office Makeover

dustybarn on Sep 14, 2011:

al40yearoldintern, thanks for explaining. I write for a living, and tend to spend very long hours at my desk, so ergonomics are really important to me. I was genuinely concerned about what looked (to me, anyway) like potential problems. I went through what I thought was a pinched nerve in my back, but it turned out to be a problem with my office chair. Darn near drove me nuts until I figured out what it was. I'm glad you find your set-up comfortable, and I am totally envious of the organization you've got going on in there. Annnnytime you wanna come work your magic on MY office, just let me know! :-D

al40yearoldintern on Sep 14, 2011:

hi there chris and dustybarn! to answer your questions, my chair is a counter height bar stool from cb2 that is the perfect height for my "desk." and my computer is right at eye level... if i was in a higher stool i would be looking down at my monitor rather than straight at it... i think it just seems lower in the photos... as for the knees... yes, it would be better if i had a big opening in the desk for them but since i am making due with a dresser that is built into my apartment i can't really create one without really pushing my landlady over the edge (the paint job i did on my bedroom was already enough...)... i will say that i have been able to sit at my desk for hours and hours working on my autocad design homework and am pretty comfortable, with the desk at least... not so much with the homework... i have long arms (not freakishly so, but long nonetheless) and i can sit back from the desk a bit.  anyhow, that covers it! thanks for saying the room is pretty :)

Chris Gardner on Sep 14, 2011:

Dustybarn - I was thinking it was intended to be a standing desk solution. Perhaps Holly can weigh in on how it's going here soon.

dustybarn on Sep 13, 2011:

As someone who does spend practically all day at the desk and computer, I certainly appreciate the aesthetic here. It looks quite pretty, but I question the functionality of the computer workstation. It looks like an ergonomic nightmare. No knee room, and the chair is too low to type for more than a minute or two at that keyboard without discomfort, and the monitor is not in the user normal line of vision unless the user is standing. Sitting and looking at that monitor would cause serious neck strain. 

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