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Comments - DIY Kitchen Storage Organization

Wendy Reaman on May 14, 2014:

Where do i find the drawers for the toe kick. This is an awesome use of space

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2014:

The most useful organizational trick I've learned is to go through periodically and get rid of all the stuff I don't use anymore. As our lives change our kitchen needs change too. I recently went through and got rid of about 1/3 of the stuff in there and I don't miss a single thing.

Beth on Aug 17, 2012:

Where did you find the drawers for the toekick?  I'd love to have some.

kim | kzieglerdesign on Aug 26, 2011:

I had problems trying to figure out what to do with my pot lids. Eventually it hit me: hang them on the wall. With tacks. Like so: It's so easy and convenient! Plus, it allows me to nestle my pots and pans in the drawers.

anita on Aug 25, 2011:

I did a similar thing with the spices, I attached the magnet to the inside of the metal lid (it makes the whole lid magnetic), I labeled them on the bottom instead of the side ( easier to see), and like auschick they are stuck on the side of my fridge which is right next to my prep station. I have a very small kitchen, so I set some open shelves above my sink area, I adjusted the lowest shelf so it wouldn't be in the way of my faucet, and I store my a lot of my small appliances there. I also hang mugs on s-hooks from the sides of the shelves, and my Ladle, Slotted Spoon, Pancake Turner, and Stirring Spoon, hang from S-hooks from the back of the shelves. I am also very short on counter space, so when I am doing a large project I open the 2 drawers in front of my prep station and place a wood board across them, instant extra prep space. I store the board on edge between the fridge and the counter.

auschick on Aug 22, 2011:

i've done a similar thing with my spices, except i have them attached magnetically to the side of my fridge (which is right next to the stove)

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