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Comments - Genius Colorful Fan Makeover

Tori on Aug 28, 2013:

Do you know the brand/color name of the spray paint? I have been looking everywhere for a salmon pink colored spray paint and havent had any luck.

Helene on Jul 16, 2013:

Mine is plastic  but blades are metal, does it matter??  I love the pink one, have to do this, and can spray something to match it, like you did!  What a great idea, and I have spray painted before, to  update something.  Just woried it will come off when washed (I live on a city street, lost of grime and dust, even throught the screens, so have to clean the fan frequenty, take it apart and clean it, so I know how to put it back together. 

Anonymous on Jun 07, 2013:

If the material of the fan is plastic, does the ink works on it ? Which kind I can use for painting, mine is of plastic.

Elaine on May 20, 2013:

Great idea! Lots of bang for little buck.

Javeriya @Believe&Inspire on May 07, 2013:

Wow! That has set me going. I'm definitely doing this for my room!

Deb on May 05, 2013:

Was just telling my husband today that I wanted to do this. Did you cover the motor before painting?

Liz on Mar 21, 2013:

Love it may try cleaning up my 70's peasoup green fan in brushed nickel and red!

Anonymous on Feb 02, 2013:

Just a thought - if it is plastic, there is primer to use on plastic, then you can use any paint. (The primer comes in a spray.) That would reduce chances of it chipping off when cleaned.

Ophilia535 on Oct 09, 2012:

I really love this...My question would be about cleaning. I have to take my fans apart and scrub them with a degreaser a couple of times a year to get all the dust and dirt build-up off. I'm thinking the spraypaint might not hold up to any kind of abrasive or heavy cleaning. Thoughts?

CC MCCART on Aug 19, 2012:

AMAZING idea. I have an old fan in my kitchen. My accent color in the kitchen is RED, guess what color I'll be using on my fan? You win the prize, if you guessed red that is...LOL Thanks for the MARVEY POO idea.


Debbie Barnard on Jul 02, 2012:

Love it! The pink does not put me off it makes me want to do it even more! All my fans will now be painted pink, even the one in the garage!

katie on Oct 06, 2011:

This is a total "well, duh!" project, but my gosh, I never would have thought of it!! I love it! AND I have the exact same boring, ugly fan sitting on my dresser right's gonna change color today!

DIY Maven on Oct 05, 2011:

@anon--you can find great spray paint these days made especially for plastic. I say go for it!

Anonymous on Oct 05, 2011:

Does it have to be a meatal fan or could it be one of the plastic ones? I have one of the big plastic ones and my husband keeps it running 24/7 and it's just horrible looking!! would love to do the bronze!!

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011:

luv it! but does it smell like paint when you turn it on?

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2011:

That Kate is just so clever!  Love her style!

Em on Aug 17, 2011:

thats awesome - so simple and effective!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma on Aug 17, 2011:

WOAA I love this!! Love the after! How creative. 


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