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I’m a native Houstonian, and grew up with a deep appreciation for diverse arts in our eclectic city.  My love of mosaic… read more

Comments - Ginger's Major Mosaic Kitchen Makeover

Mosaics By Ginger on Aug 22, 2011:

Oh WOW, Linda T!  Your project sounds AMAZING!  I would LOVE to see photos of it. My email is if you have a moment to send.  You're right...the ol' pillow case on concrete breaking method beats tile nippers any day!  :) 

Linda T. on Aug 22, 2011:

I did mine straight onto the wall and since I have a back problem, climbing up and down the step stool needed many breaks, so I took 4 months, but I also used some very tiny pieces.  I didn't design at all, just drew horizontals (using a spirit level)  Stuck on some dark green, unbroken 6"x6" s on, or above, or diagonal to the lines, then I took 4"x4" yellows, some whole, some cut, added a very few bright red (terribly expensive, special ordered for surround of gas cook top) then started with odd tiles from our basement stash, broken plates,  some plate centres with castles on them, and souvenirs like Greek coasters, and a small 'evil eye', a little broken cream jug complete with handle from a fav' aunt, some tourquoise marbles and a small Quimper dish that would have been valuable if it were not cracked.  It's all beautiful and after many years, I'm never tired of looking at it, while chopping, cooking or doing the dishes. I also used nippers, but got most pieces by putting broken stuff in a pillow case and dropping it on a concrete floor.

I'd send a pic' but don't know how!

Linda on Aug 22, 2011:

Wow that sure is beautiful!  You did a wonderful job on that and will be appreciated for many years to come!

Michael @ Blue Velvet Chair on Aug 22, 2011:

LOVE the design! I have a serious weekness for mosaics. If you are looking for some inspiration for more projects (although if you are like me you are taking a much deserved break now), have a look at my Pinterest board where I stash my inspiration ideas.


Tam on Aug 21, 2011:

The mosaic is stunning.  You probably could have salvaged quite a bit of time if you had picked up some contact paper (clear) to grab up the masaic pieces exactly as placed on your board  (1x1 foot pieces), then transfered to the tile mesh.  I'm just thinking about that Beef Wellington.

Mosaics By Ginger on Aug 20, 2011:

Thanks, All!  Cindy - yes, some of the rectangular pieces are stained glass (they make up  part of the design that looks like brick and confetti), and I purchased them pre-cut through  Although, most of the pieces in the backsplash I cut by hand with tile nippers.  Happy mosaicing! 

sarah in kc on Aug 20, 2011:

I just died I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I am totally going to do this one day! Amazing.

Cindy on Aug 19, 2011:

Wow! This design has staying power with your beautiful colors.
I noticed that a lot of the pieces are in rectangles. Did you use nippers to shape them?

Jason on Aug 19, 2011:

Such a spectacular mosaic backsplash

Gwynn on Aug 19, 2011:

Absolutely beautiful!


jocelyne on Aug 19, 2011:

I am so impressed with the results.The fact that you actually got it done impresses me even more - BEAUTIFUL . . .

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