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Comments - Yard sale shopping 101

tina on Jun 01, 2011:

I like the article except as I am having a yard sale I am nervouse that the cheapskates such as you and your followers will insult me and my nice things!!

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2009:

I have a different take on garage sales.  First, you can't go looking for something specific, you'll never find it.  I look for 'new' items - I have 3 coffee makers in my garage, 2 Mr. Coffee and 1 Braun.  Never opened boxes.  So when mine gets skuzzy I just toss it and bring out a new one.  Didn't pay more than $5 for any one. 

Secondly, I do a lot of selling with my garage sale purchases on Ebay so I look for unusual items - old does not always make it valuable, scarcity does.  I don't buy 'figurines' - too many Made in China for $3.99 and not sellable on Ebay.

I live in a California city of about 40,000 and only do city/neighborhood, weekend garage sales.  I don't go out  into the country for so-called barn sales.  If it's not in 'my backyard' I won't go hunting,  I also don't go at the crack of dawn - usually 8-10 and I'm done on a Friday and/or Saturday.  My best purchase was a $3 copper vase which I sold on Ebay for $5,800!  That particular sale was ending and it was about Noon - turned out to be a great garage sale day.  Didn't realize what I had for a couple of weeks.

I exchange Christmas presents with my best friend but we only give what we have purchased at garage sales throughout the year.  Lots of fun....many items trigger a memory.

Go for it! 


RedTex on Sep 07, 2009:

My husband is anti yardsale, but went to be with me.  Getting a man to get a price on girly stuff, like sewing items, is great!  He gets better deals than I do.  He's great at haggling, friendly and polite, gets good deals.  Never insult the seller by belittling items or offering pennies on the dollar of selling price. Curb your kids and use your manners.  Sellers appreciate it. Even if we don't buy, we always thank the people.

jacquilives on Jul 06, 2008:

Great tips, but I will add one more: If you love something, I mean LOVE it, and it's a fair price, buy it.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Feb 09, 2008:

I've never been denied when I offer someone less than asking at a yard sale or garage sale.  This especially works at the end of the day, obviously.  What do we have, two more months until weekend hunting begins?

yeye_joijoi on Nov 18, 2007:

I just want you to know that you are amazing for posting such great, clear, instructional tips. My greatest fear (well... okay maybe not greatest) is haggling. I have a terrible fear of seeming cheap. But your guide makes me feel ready for the game!

The cleaning posts also, have been a great inspiration to me. Thanks!

atrophie on Aug 01, 2007:

great post!  i've never really had enough confidence to haggle but i think i'll be trying it out in the near future!

houseonthecorner on Mar 07, 2007:

I love these tips and love the chairs!

ideagirl on Mar 05, 2007:

Great yard sale tips--I agree with you on the haggling. It seems like most of the people I see trying to haggle at yard sales and swap meets start out with the negative--"Ten dollars? Yeah, sure, I'll give you two." Why they think insulting the seller will get them a discount is beyond me.

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