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Comments - How To: Turn Logs into Affordable Wall Art!

Peter on Apr 23, 2014:

What happens as the wood slices dry? Usually cracks develop as the wood looses moisture unevenly and shrinks and would expect the branch slices to pull away from the wall. How did you lower the moisture content?

Kerry on Oct 17, 2012:

Great idea!... Making my son do this project during his getaway with Grampa next week!! Grampa has a cabin in the woods - Those two can have fun with it and then bring me the finished product to hang in our home! ;)

Tanzarelli Designs on Jun 02, 2012:

I make bespoke framed log art wall hangings

Khadiza E. on May 26, 2012:

I love this! I want to buy it!!!!

Jena on Sep 25, 2011:

This is a great idea and could also be really cool with a selection of transparent wood stains.

CapreeK on Aug 06, 2011:

Jenny, I love that idea!

Jenny on Aug 06, 2011:

I love this.  There's a sentimental sweetgum in my parents' yard (one I played under as a toddler) that has become dangerous and must come down, and this will be the perfect way to commemmorate it!

Anonymous on Jul 31, 2011:

Alison Moritsugu, a very talented artist, used something similar, but much more so.

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