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Comments - Eye Candy: 6 Colorful Front Doors

allison.waddington on May 23, 2012:

I just painted both of my exterior doors in bright lime green.   My last house front and back doors were bright purple but that wouldn't work here with the dark brown house color.  It's amazing what a coat of paint will do....

Gregg Williams on May 23, 2012:

It really is amazing what a new colored front door and some new shutters Indianapolis will do to a house's appearance.  Especially if you are going to sell your house, this is a must do.  It makes your house look brand new and will hopefully attract new buyers.  

Brooke on Jul 26, 2011:

We have a neighbor with a chartruese front door.  I hope they love it... because when I drive past it, I cringe.  With brown brick and black shutters, it just doesn't flow.

KeLLy Ann on Jul 15, 2011:

I painted my front door Lemon Yellow about 4 years ago {from red} because EVERYbody was doing Red. In the last year I've seen many more Yellow Doors. My neighbor had a pink door and then painted it Light Green. I'm totally Loving this

Kate on Jul 14, 2011:

My rental house is white with black shutters and (so unfortunately) a green astroturf front porch that i can do nothing about. So choosing a door color was a challenge. I wanted red but thought it would look too christmas-y with the green porch. Then I wanted Yellow and thought it would look like a bumble bee or a Waffle House. I ended up choosing Coral which i LOVE and to my surprise, so did my husband! I get so many compliemnts and it really brightens up the look of an otherwise boring facade and surprisingly compliments the green astroturf.

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