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Comments - Our Simple Spray Paint Porch Makeover (Part 1)

alicia on Jul 25, 2011:

Hi Jessica! The table sounds perfect. If it's solid wood, I imagine spray paint will take just fine. If there's a veneer, you may have to do some sanding or check out a different type of paint (maybe the Krylon Fusion would work?). Sounds like a good find; good luck with the project! 

Jessica on Jul 25, 2011:

I bought a beat up drop leaff table at a garage sale this weeked. It's purpose is for the small TV & Wii that our boys use, which live in the family room. Would you think this would work for the table?

alicia on Jul 21, 2011:

Jackie, the tables were old solid wood ones we found at Goodwill years ago. However, I imagine the spray paint and chalkboard paint would work well on IKEA tables as well.  

Jackie on Jul 21, 2011:

are the tables from Ikea? I would like to try this on mine!

emily on Jul 18, 2011:

Beautiful transformation! Cool use of colors.

bruno on Jul 14, 2011:

@maven - really? I rarely get that. Usually, it's, "She looks just like Alicia!" Thanks for the nice pick-me-up!

DIY Maven on Jul 14, 2011:

Beautiful. Ayla looks like her daddy, no?

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