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Comments - Make It! The Skilsaw Pergola

Heather on Sep 09, 2013:

Would this be sturdy enough to hang swings from it for children?

Daniel on Feb 11, 2012:

Hello! I just happened to stumble upon this post while trying to find a cheap pergola plan. I thought i would pitch in to the shade discussion. I have seen people with pergolas weave 1 or 2 foot wide peices of canvas through the beams to create shade without compromising looks. Check it out!


DIY Maven on Jun 28, 2011:

Jay--About the vine thing--my favorite coffee shop--which is on the historic register--has a BIG pergola in its courtyard. It has a huge grapevine growing over it. The trunk is massive. It's very cool. Yes, I'm sure it did take a long time to get that way. (Might even be original to the home.) There are, however, speedier-growing vines. I put a Boston Ivy in next to a privacy lattice wall this year and it's growing like mad. Can't wait until the whole wall is covered in green!

bruno on Jun 28, 2011:

@jay: first, they look pretty (at least, some of us think so). Second, even without any vines, they provide a little shade, and a point of visual interest (otherwise you're just sitting in the middle of the yard). Last; yes, you could try to get some vines to grow up over it to provide even more shade (though I bet that would take several years to fill in).

Jay on Jun 28, 2011:

I have never understood the point of these things.  Why sit under that?  It's only maybe 1/4 shaded now, after all the work and lumber you put into it.  And covering it with a tarp would look bad (I guess).  What is the goal?  To grow vines over it for shade?

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