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Comments - Roundup: 20 Damn Good Gifts for Dads

Callingalldads on Jul 07, 2012:

Although we're well past fathers day, I think these gift ideas are great! There's an ongoing theme of natural elements mixed with sleek modern design. I think it's interesting how the term hipster has a negative connotation here. Doesn't the hipster have a father, and might he be capable of giving a quality gift? Can his father also be a hipster, or is there an age limit? It makes me what makes a hipster. Is it a persons interest or passion in fashion, or a particular fashion? My take prejudice in the type of person you believe would like these things? They're all interesting!!!

Esh on May 19, 2012:

Agreed - these are great ideas, even for my uber-conservative banker hubby. Thanks for pulling together a collection of interesting gifts that I wouldn't have found on my own!

And to the crabbies who commented, eh - maybe you could use that Bodum press to get the needed coffee you missed this morning. ;)

CapreeK on Apr 23, 2012:

Thanks LoveThis! :)

LoveThis! on Apr 23, 2012:

Wow at these comments. I thought the majority of these gift ideas were off-the-charts GREAT ideas for my husband's birthday. And he's a forty year old country mechanic! And there is nothing "hipster" about either one of us.Lol Thanks for putting this list together, it's refreshingly different while still totally useful, even when it's not Father's Day.

Anonymous on Jan 28, 2012:

There are alot of great ideas on here. Thanks!

Chris Gardner on Jun 15, 2011:

Hi everyone, 

My name is Chris, and I'm Curbly's editor-in-chief. This post has sparked some discussion, both in the comments, as well as in some emails that aren't published here.

Curbly is a contemporary website that's dedicated to creativity, design, and the handmade movement. Capree's roundup has taken that perspective and applied it to gifts for all sorts of dads and husbands: there are gifts for men that like to cook, enjoy coffee, like technology, tend towards geek culture, appreciate fine spirits and cocktails, grilling, as well as gadgets and technology. That's a pretty big spectrum, and I imagine most North American men have interests that touch on at least one of those things.

Thankfully, Capree also also picked well designed and made items that are unique and will last, and happen to photograph very well. Her gift guide doesn't look like the majority of gift guides for men, which presume you don't already know that guys like iPads, XBoxes, and sports, and we're thankful for that. Honestly, it's what we pay her to do. If your dad or other guy is into those sorts of things, well, then it sounds like you already know what to get him.

If your dad or husband isn't interested in creative, thoughtful, or well-designed items, then it probably doesn't make sense to consult a gift guide from a website devoted to sharing this kind of free information with its readers. 

CapreeK on Jun 13, 2011:

Haggie: My father is 62 and lives in Arizona (what a coincidence) and there are quite a few things on here that I know he'd like and that I had in mind for him when I put together this roundup.  I also had my 35-year-old brother-in-law in mind and, yes, there are things on here for him too.  I didn't feel the need to include the same old traditional Father's Day gifts, i.e fishing, golfing, or power tool-related items.  If that's what your dad likes, then get him what he likes.  And for the record, I have no idea what "Edwin Sen Japanese Red Selvage Skinny Jeans" even are, but you do, so there's that.

Haggie on Jun 13, 2011:

What if my father is 67 and lives in Arizona instead of 27 and living in San Francisco's Mission or in a converted machine shop in Brooklyn?

Here's another one that my dad doesn't need:

16: Edwin Sen Japanese Red Selvage Skinny Jeans

bruno on Jun 08, 2011:

@anonymous: wow, feeling cranky this morning? I'm a dad, and there are tons of things on here I'd want (and no, I'm not a hipster either).

If you have some constructive criticism, or better yet, a few good suggestions of your own, please share them. Save your trolling for YouTube comments.

CapreeK on Jun 07, 2011:

Chris - You are most welcome, sir! I thought you'd like that whiskey aging kit, especially. ;)

Chris Gardner on Jun 07, 2011:

Oh my. You have totally just done all the work for my next ten birthdays and Christmas lists. I'll just direct my friends and family here. Hopefully they start with the whiskey aging kit, and then the walnut iPad case. And an iPad to put in it.

Thanks, Kimball!

Anonymous on Jun 07, 2011:

You could have cut this to 5 things a dad would actually want and 15 things a hipster thinks a dad would want.

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