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Comments - It's like sleeping on clouds

Lori on Feb 17, 2012:

I am having my husband cut a large round circle from ply wood. Sand and paint it pepto bismol pink, throw on the old round papasan cusion i have (from one of those round wicker/rattan chairs) and hang it under a pink netting from white chain! So fun

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2012:

Just give up and get a hammock with a sheet of foam rubber on it.

tiny dancer on Jan 27, 2012:

Recycled trampoline frame??

Tonty on Feb 25, 2008:

This will elevate the actual bed area so that you can place a sleeping area with out fighting the chains (or rope)

Now drill holes along the outer ends of the bottom board, about 5 to 6 inches apart (use your judgment to many holes may make the wood crack under pressure) remember to leave room for the enter / exit area.

place the hooks under bed hooks to the floor. the reason we do this backwards is so that u have some room on the bed and the chains aren't grabbing where kids fingers can get caught!
Remember if your going to attach this to a ceiling, it better be a strong one.
The second would to be to meet it all in one spot then spread threw, this would most likely require a spacer towards the top of the chains where it gets tight.. would have to think of the best way to make one so that there is room in the bed.

As for a actual matrices.. I would say floor padding and sow some sheets and pillow stuffing, or go out and have some foam cut.
Just make sure you sand and pain / varnish well so there is no splinters and use the washers at the hooks on both sides to make it strong.
I'm sure your crafty ways can dress it up =)

Tonty on Feb 25, 2008:

Make on, it's probably not as hard as you think. Currently I am in Spain in an apartment and unable to access my tools to experiment on the easiest way to do this. Most likely you can easily step it together like this:
Find an area you would want to place it, measure it out exact to the size you want, keep a second measurement with about 4 inches added to the radius.
Go to home Depot have thick ply wood cut the larger size, and the exact size.
If the size you need is to big for one piece of plywood, have them cut 1/2 circles that will lay flush against each other.
Buy some lengths of chain or rope always longer then you need by a good foot.
Some 2 by 4s about 2 inches shorter then the exact size measurements.
You will need some nuts, bolts (thick of course) a drill, some big hooks (flat tipped don't buy any thing sharp!) If your not good with tools buy some liquid nail (strong glue for wood) some paint or varnish and some sand paper. Oh yah, dont forget the washers!
Basically, if you get all the wood pre cut it's just fitting it all together.
Place the larger circle down on the floor.

Place the 2by4s in the center to cut across. (pic link

Place the smaller cut board on top.

wizodd on Dec 08, 2007:

So, is it Really like sleeping on a cloud--cold and damp?


atrophie on Aug 01, 2007:

i really like this bed, and there is a lot you could add to it in terms of decoration to make it even more unique, but how would you fit sheets onto it??  haha

DesigningMom on May 31, 2007:

Ideagirl's bed sounds like one I have in my inspriation folder on my computer.  I'll add it to my photos here so you can see it in a few minutes. 

I'm wondering if you could also attach it to the floor with the chains just a bit loose so you'd be able to sway, but not bang into anything?  Just a thought...

jasimar on Feb 26, 2007:

I'm a sleep-flailer.  I know that would give me dreams of being a dolphin in a tuna net.  Pretty, but dangreous too maybe.

balubalu on Feb 25, 2007:

Hey Ivy,

those are kinda inexpensive ;-) compared to this.

newscoma on Feb 25, 2007:

I love this.

I don't dig the price, but I sure do like it. 

ideagirl on Feb 25, 2007:

When I was 12 (in the 70s), my mother made me something similar, though not round. She used heavy plywood, heavy chain (chrome colored), heavy duty screw hooks, and heavy U-bolts. U-bolts held the chain, and went into each corner of the plywood. They hooks were screwed into the ceiling joists, and the chain hung from the hooks. My one word of warning is not to hang it too close to the wall, as it will constantly be bumping the wall with the gentle swaying motion caused by getting in and out of bed. I slept in that bed for two years, until we moved. It was very cool, and the envy of all my friends!

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