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Comments - Bathroom Cleaning Cheat Sheet

DesigningMom on May 07, 2011:

I notice totels isn't a member here and I don't recall seeing "them" around before. I'd say before "they" get so upset they ought to try Curbly for awhile. They'll learn to love it just like the rest of us do. I've been a memeber for just short of four years now and visted for short time before that and I've always felt the administration here was awesome in every way. But if totels doesn't like it here....

NeonClear on May 07, 2011:

I, for one, and glad for the "bait-n-switch." As a constant lurker, I don't mind helping you get a better understanding/estimate of your readership. I enjoy the site, the posts, the content, everything. It's a small "price" to pay for enjoying what you guys do, and appreciating the work put into it. Inboxes are swamped these days with a bunch of junk mail, but this isn't junk, and even if you think it is, there are ways around it (filters, labels, etc.). It's free and it's awesome. 'Nuff said.  

swilli on May 06, 2011:

Same here (re: no link to the pdf);  I've signed up for the newsletter twice and haven't gotten a confirmation message, either.

bruno on May 05, 2011:

@kyle: e-mail me at and I'll see that you get it. Thanks,


kylepfeeley on May 05, 2011:

Hey, I don't mind signing up fror the newsletter, but after I did there's no link to the pdf.

dinny on May 05, 2011:

I think your site is fabulous! It may be a few extra steps, but it doesn't cost me a cent and it helps you grow your business. I think I'll like you on facebook AND sign up for your newsletter while still following your RSS :)

bruno on May 05, 2011:

Sigh. We give away tons of free original content, all of which takes time and money to create. Occassionally, we do something like these PDFs, for which we ask that you try out our newsletter or our Facebook page. That helps us grow our audience and keep in touch with people more regularly. I think it's a fair trade. If you don't, that's fine, just don't sign up.

Re: the comment form - we haven't noticed anything amiss, but if it's not working for you, please send a bug report to Thanks.

totels on May 05, 2011:


@bruno "not trying" would be posting your original content on your website, not offloading it to other places. All I get from a post like this is the feeling that is NOT the place to go for content, apparently you want everyone to visit Seems like visiting the site directly or checking the RSS feed daily is sub-standard. I'm glad you worked so hard on it, I appreciate the high-quality content form, but why encourage a high bounce-rate?

P.S. Your comment submit form has not error notifications when fields are missing or incorrect.


bruno on May 05, 2011:

@totels: sorry you feel that way. We're not trying to bait-n-switch anyone. We put a lot of work into creating these cheat sheets, and we're offering them for free to anyone who fans us on Facebook or signs up for our newsletter (of course, you can cancel either at any time and keep the PDFs). 

totels on May 05, 2011:

Oh gee, another crappy bait-n-switch content tactic, thanks but no thanks.

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