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Comments - Knittastic: Make Your Own Designer-Inspired Pouf

Knitter on Jun 19, 2014:

As a knitter, those prices are not steep. 18 skeins of yarn @ 3.99 (which is cheap) and two down comforters (25.00 each for 50.00 which is extremely cheap) equals 122.00 and that does not include tax, shipping, etc. it's one reason why I would buy one if it was less than 100.00, rather than knit it - and I knit a lot, and extremely fast. So, before beginning a DIY project, add up the cost....I always do:-)

Madeline on May 08, 2012:

World market has them for around $70

dottie on Jan 03, 2012:

I saw these types of pillows at a festival, they looked crocheted and T-shirt knit was used to make them. I thought they were great. Ran 60 dollars. Still too much for me. 

CapreeK on Apr 04, 2011:

Ruby - When I go to the post, it's entirely in English... beyond that, I've checked out the comments (there are about 90) and there seems to be a lot of useful info there which could possibly help answer your questions about weight/yardage, etc.  I don't know that they provide an actual pattern, just written instructions plus more tips and info in the comments section of the post.  Sorry I can't answer any of your specific questions!  Good luck!  :)

Rubyscarab on Apr 04, 2011:

If someone actually wanted to make this, where is the pattern? I checked the Pickles link, and it's a) In Norwegian without English translation, and b) No pattern. I actually knit and crochet. You mentioned 18 balls of yarn. Weight, yardage, any other description? More info would be really nice! Thanks!

DesigningMom on Apr 04, 2011:

If you think how much two (even cheap) down duvets, eighteen skeins of yarn and the cirular hooks would put you back I'd say by the ones from CB2 and save yourself the trouble of making your own. In fact I think CB2's price would actually be less than the cost to make one.  They are really neat looking though. Of course if you have loads of unused skeins of yarn around and old blankets I'd say go for it. Even if you'd have to do it granny style with various colors of yarn.

CapreeK on Apr 04, 2011:

For anyone that might be interested, I just spotted this Etsy shop that sells hand-crocheted poufs for $25 - $95!  That's crazy.

CapreeK on Mar 31, 2011:

Sounds like a plan!  I really like the one I have; it packs a pretty great punch when you throw it at people, too. ;)

Chris Gardner on Mar 31, 2011:

Yeah, I've been considering it. We don't have a store locally, but I thought I might order one when there's something else from CB2 I can't live without.

CapreeK on Mar 31, 2011:

Chris - I have the grey one, so I can't really tell you much about the other color unfortunately.  But it does seem like it could go either way depending on the light in the room.  Are you thinking about getting one?

Chris Gardner on Mar 31, 2011:

Capree - Which of the CB2 pieces do you own? I've seen the red/orange look very orange, and very...uh, red. What's your take?

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