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Comments - You Can Do It: 10 Rental Updates Your Landlord Doesn't Need to Know About

melissa on Jun 03, 2019:

@Kim, Actually, I'm a property manager and contact paper is absolutely fine to put on cabinets or any flat surface. Just be sure the brand you're using has the right adhesive that's gentle on any material. We use it to update some of our properties and I've had absolutely no problem with it. As a matter of fact, it actually protects the original surface so when they leave just peel it off and you've got and unscratched surface! I think it's imperative that renters feel like the property they are paying for every month feels like their home and should be free to decorate in order to achieve that.

Violet on Mar 25, 2019:

You're a genius with that ugly kitchen floor trick!

Jennifer Farley on Mar 22, 2019:

@Hannah Rose Love the creative idea for your sweet cat. I think the first thing I would do is maybe ask the landlord. It will probably be a "no" to drilling into the exterior but is there a window close to a fence where you could secure it from the other side? That would still need an okay from the Landlord too. I don't know your landlord I know some can be tough but you never know.

Hannah Rose on Mar 22, 2019:

I recently moved into a rental house and I built my cat a small outdoor enclosure that backs up to a window so she can go in and out of the open window with no damage to the rental. The only problem is, I live in an extreme weather kind of city. I don't know if it's safe just to lean the entire enclosure on the side of the house without anything holding it to the house, but I also can't drill into the side of the house to secure the enclosure. Do you have any rental friendly tips on how to safely secure the enclosure? I'm almost ready to give up on the idea, but my cat loves the outdoors, I just can't let her roam because we move so much, and she'd get lost! I really want to try and make this work for her.

kim on Jan 01, 2019:

Just saw this older thread.
I m a landlord and I have 14 units. I ve been doing it for 26 years. I replace the kitchen cabinets every 5 years in the apartments because of abuse. Counters every 2 years. You wouldn't believe how many people don't know not to cut on formica.

The biggest advise I would give to tenants --- declutter ! They all seem to have enough stuff to fill a house instead of a 2 bedroom apartment.

Then I would say clean. Most are not clean. I clean my own house continuously. You need to keep an apartment clean also.

Last just try to coordinate your furnishings. Most of the above wouldn't work ( contact paper NO, temp wallpaper No)

Adrie on Nov 01, 2017:

I was recently thinking of applying contact paper over our rentals cabinets. However, I'm second guessing after reading that it's not the smartest thing to do. What would you recommend instead? I'm looking for a way to brighten up my small kitchen, and the cabinets are counteracting with my idea..

zombie layered on Jul 02, 2016:

I've swapped out light switches for funky ones. Also always change the shower head to one you like.

Jennifer Farley on Mar 03, 2016:

@laura H. You do make a great point. For some landlords it might be good to ask. I would definitely not want someone to put contact paper on painted kitchen cabinets or brand new cabinets for sure. I do think most people only have the patience to place contact paper on the inside of the cabinets and usually it is an easy fix to clean. Thanks for your insight and thanks for reading.

Lara H. on Mar 02, 2016:

Contact paper on cabinets? Inside on shelf, sure, but on doors or frames? Not a great idea, especially if painted. Peeling off paint or gumming up finishes is likely to cause even the nicest of landlords to get upset. And with the quality of adhesives that vary widely, what seems to come off easily today may become a nightmare to remove later when the chemicals bond over time.

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