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Comments - Eye Candy: 10 Big Impact Small Bath Makeovers!

Anonymous on Aug 24, 2015:

#1 and #2 are SMALL bathrooms.NONE of the rest are.if you have 5-6 ftavailable for a TUB,you do not have a SMALL small bath is 4x4.that's room for a toilet and a 2x2 vanity.period.

imdb on Jun 02, 2015:

Just can't believe anyone thinks a pedestal sink increases space. Without the cabinet underneath, there is no storage :(

Ed on Feb 06, 2012:

I agree with Barb C. We did a bath makeover and what little storge we had was gone, I think the biggest thing in all of the changes was the paint colors. They have done the most. Great job.

CapreeK on Feb 02, 2012:

Melissa - Of course! You guys did a wonderful job!

Michelle - Wow, what a difference!  Nicely done.  (Love your spray paint/outlet cover idea.)

Melissa @ Living Beautifully on Jan 31, 2012:

Thanks for featuring our bathroom!!

Melissa @ Living Beautifully :)

Tania on Jan 31, 2012:

I absolutely adore #7 & #9! Phenominal work. Luxury at home, hmmm.


LezRenovate on Jan 30, 2012:

yikes. 3,4,10 are all as HORRIFYING as mine. . I just feel sad because the before-to-after at my house has taken 7 months of DIY guts and finally we are close to the glory! Glad we captured it some schadenfreude video

Barb C on Jan 30, 2012:

Agreed that the "after" pictures definitely are more attractive, but their solution often involves the loss of storage space (replacing an outdated vanity with a pedestal sink). I wonder where they put their stuff?

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