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The Internet’s Best Pet Halloween Costumes to Make and Buy

by on Oct 2, 2018

Lion dog costume available here.

If you have pets who can and will wear pet Halloween costumes, you practically owe the rest of us that spectacle of cuteness. As a longtime cat owner, I am fully aware that costumes just aren’t practical for many pets, so please, do your duty and dress up your furry friend for the rest of us to enjoy (as long as they don’t mind, of course). Remember to post lots of pictures of your pet Halloween costumes!           

Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween pet costume idea: dog beanie baby
Photo: Kurt Andre

Turn your pet into one of those infamous Beanie Babies with this easy tutorial from Brit+Co. Be sure to reassure them that they’re not a passing fad that you’re planning to sell on eBay.


Pet Halloween Costume: Mop dog

This dog that went as a mop for Halloween is one of my favorite pet Halloween costumes ever. With her pre-corded fur, Keki the Hungarian puli started with a big advantage for this costume, but there are definitely other dog breeds that could pull this look off. 


Halloween squirrel dog costume
Squirrel costume available here.

Hopefully the other squirrel-obsessed dogs won’t start chasing your dog when they’re in this squirrel costume. Available here.


Halloween ewok dog costume
Ewok dog costume available here.

No need to leave your dog out of your group Star Wars costume when she’s dressed as a tiny ewok. Ewok dog costume available here.


Star Wars pet Halloween costume

Of course, the true Star Wars superfans will outdo us all by making their own elaborate pet Halloween costumes. But you can buy a pre-made version of an AT-AT imperial walker dog costume here


Halloween pet costume: Dog as Big, Bad Wolf with Little Red Riding Hood

Even if your Big, Bad Wolf isn’t paired with a Little Red Riding Hood quite this cute (I saw this same costume with an adult man in the role), it’s still a fun pet Halloween costume that is sure to get lots of laughs. 


Halloween pet costume lion mane
Lion dog costume available here.

This dog looks pretty excited to be the king of the jungle. Costume available from Amazon.


Chia dog Halloween costume

This chia dog Halloween costume is genius. Instructions here.


Halloween cowboy dog costume
Costume available here.

Give this cowboy a ride on your own bucking bronco this Halloween. Costume available here.


Halloween dog costume

You have to admit that this dog makes the perfect loaf of white bread.


Turn your dog into a dragon for a day with these instructions from Martha Stewart.


Halloween sushi dog costume
Sushi dog costume available here.

The perfect costume for sushi lovers. Available here.


You can also make your own sushi pet Halloween costume with this Curbly tutorial


Halloween Rosie the Riveter dog costume

This Rosie the Riveter costume is no longer available from the seller, but it’s good inspiration for putting together your own version.


Halloween Wonder Woman dog costume
Custom Wonder Woman dog costume available here.

This handmade Wonder Woman costume is custom-made to fit your own superhero. Available on Etsy here.  


Make your own bat wing costume with these instructions from Martha Stewart.


Halloween giraffe dog costume
Giraffe costume available here.

This giraffe dog costume is just plain cute. Available here.


Halloween UPS delivery dog costume
UPS delivery dog costume available here.

This is the perfect costume for that dog who is obsessed with the people who deliver packages to their door. UPS delivery dog costume available here.


Dog cupcake Halloween costume
Photo: Lovely Indeed

Turn your dog into a sweet little cupcake with this tutorial from Lovely Indeed.


Halloween cupcake dog costume
Cupcake costume available here.

If you’d rather buy a cupcake costume, you can find this one here.


Dog Halloween costume shower pouf
Photo: Zoilagram

Whether you call if a shower pouf or a loofa, this adorable costumed dog is definitely welcome in my shower. 


This shark dog costume is perfect for the pet who is always circling to spot table scraps–I mean prey. Martha Stewart has instructions here.


Halloween pizza dog costume
Pizza costume available here.

Don’t worry, this pizza costume also fits cats. Available here.


Halloween ET dog costume
Photo: Buzzfeed

Group or couples Halloween costumes that incorporate pets are always fun, and this ET dog costume is a fun example. 


Halloween dog coffee costume
Photo: Kurt Andre

Your dog and coffee are probably both responsible for helping you make it through the day, so pay tribute to both with this dog coffee costume. Tutorial from Brit+Co.


Halloween Mr. T dog costume
Photo: Buzzfeed

You have to appreciate the details on this Mr. T costume, right down to the mohawk.


Make your own taco dog costume with this Curbly tutorial.


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: HGTV

Give your dog or cat a professional look with this adorable business man costume. Here’s the tutorial. 


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: DIY Network

Turn your pup into a flower with this simple (and adorablesewing tutorial. 


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Farmhouse 38

These Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes from Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat book are clever and oh-so-cute. There’s no tutorial, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
via Buzzfeed

Use a roll of gauze to dress your dog up as a mummy… genius!


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Brite and Bubbly

Emoji costumes are hot right now, and so easy to make! Check out the instructions for this one here.


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Costume Works

This rocket dog Halloween costume would be easy to make using a couple of old soda bottles and some colored tissue.


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Studio DIY

Sandwich your pet in cardboard to create this genius s’more costume! Learn more   here.


Cat Halloween Costumes

Pet Halloween costume featuring cat bat wings

This simple, inexpensive bat costume would be especially cute on a small black cat (or dog!), and is available from Amazon


Halloween unicorn cat costume
Unicorn costume available here.

A cat that will keep this unicorn costume on is probably nearly as rare as an actual unicorn. Available here.


Your cat may never forgive you for the humiliation of dressing it as a clown. Martha Stewart has instructions here.


Halloween devil cat costume
Devil costume available here.

Let your cat know that her innocent act isn’t fooling anybody–you know her true nature. Get this devil costume here.


A plush animal cat that is dressed as a lion.
Cat Halloween lion mane costume available here.

Bring out your cat’s wild side with this lion costume from Amazon.


Hopefully this flower costume won’t give your cat flashbacks to its last time wearing a cone of shame. Martha Stewart has instructions for making this flower pet costume here.


Halloween cowboy cat costume
Available here.

If you can convince your cat to wear it, this cat cowboy costume looks adorable. Available here.


Halloween witch cat costume
Cat witch costume available here.

Cat witch costume available here.


Halloween Super Mario cat costume

If you want a Mario costume for your cat, you’ll have to make your own like this person did.


Halloween avocado cat costume
Cat avocado costume available here.

Just add a couple of pieces of bread to this cat avocado costume, and you’ve got avocado toast. Available on Etsy here.


Check Out These Amazingly Clever DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog and Cat
Photo: Professor Pin Cushion

Dress your cat in this clever and totally simple renaissance costume. Check out the video tutorial here.


Other Pet Halloween Costumes

Even rabbits can get in on the Halloween fun. 


Guinea pig pumpkin Halloween costume
Photo: Petsmart

Yes, they do sell guinea pig costumes. This pumpkin costume for small animals is available from Petsmart


Halloween ladybug ferret costume
Ferret costume available here.

And we can’t leave ferrets out from the Halloween fun. This ladybug Halloween ferret costume is available here.

The internet's best pet Halloween costumes to make or buy

Do you have any big plans for pet Halloween costumes this year? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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