Installing an Occupancy Sensing Light Switch

by on Dec 12, 2016

A white table with white cups, white picture frames, white balls, a screwdriver, and a brown toolbox

Zev won’t use the bathroom. This is a problem for Zev, but it’s a problem for me, too. Because when your four-year-old son avoids the downstairs bathroom at all costs, you’re going to end up footing the bill… eventually.

Here’s the thing: our downstairs bathroom is right off a stairwell that leads to the basement. And Zev, bless him, is afraid of that dark, spooky basement. So, although it’s obvious he needs to go — dancing feet, legs crossed, and the clearest sign of all, protesting adamantly that he DOES NOT HAVE TO GO! — he waits, and waits, and waits.

So, I thought, coder-engineer brain that I am: let’s fix this! With technology! Lutron makes these amazing Occupancy Sensing switches that can turn the lights on automatically as soon as the sensor notices Zev’s little, pee-filled body running toward the bathroom… Presto! No more scary, dark basement stairwell, no more potty accidents.

A white table with white balls, white picture frames, white bowl and a brown toolbox

Plus, the Lutron Motion Sensor is super easy to install (*check local building requirements before doing any DIY electrical work), works with any bulb type, and can actually save me money by automatically turning the lights off when the space is vacant.

Let’s put one in:

(Note: as you can see, the video shows me installing the switch in a nice, well-lit portion of our home, because I wanted you to be able to see what’s happening. The stairwell is just too dark to shoot video in while the power’s off).

A person is mixing wires and putting light switch to the home.

So, yeah, that was pretty easy. I’m not gonna lie though; if you don’t know anything about electrical work, or your switches are more complicated (like three way switches), you may want to leave this one to a pro.

Now the stairwell light switches on as soon as Zev (or, anyone) walks by, so he can get on with his business in peace.

And speaking of getting on with things, I bet you want to hear about that GIVEAWAY! Here’s the scoop:

We’re giving away a $500 Home Depot Gift card!

You can use that to buy all the fancy light-sensing, scary-stairwell dispelling switches you want!

Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What are you going to do with your big prize? Let me know in the comments! Good luck!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LUTRON. The opinions and text are all mine.


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  1. Andrea Kozek

    I am all about outdoor motion sensor lights. I have one I need to replace and two I want to switch out. Life is so much easier with them, especially when it’s at the time of year when it’s dark when you get home.

  2. Grace

    I’d probably save the gift card and use it for plants in the spring. We also need some garage storage, so I’d use some of it for that too!! These switches are pretty awesome!

  3. kelli

    i could definitely use this for my house. we’ve been wanting to fix the house up for so long, but can never save the money before it ends up going to something else. great giveaway!

  4. Ivan Mckinnon

    I am renovating a log cabin in N. Maine. The better question is what wouldn’t I do with the prize money. Buy electrical and plumbing supplies or a new tub, vanity and the list goes on …

  5. Donald Almendarez

    I’m going to build my Mother a Hutch she’s been wanting. She’s the best!

  6. Pam Flynn

    I would love to buy some new lights for my home & some Lutron light sensing switches. $500 at Home Depot would sure go a long way to reach this goal. I had never even heard of these until I read your article! Thanks!

  7. Tonya Revell

    We need our sink and countertop replaced. The sink is about to fall through. We don’t haven’t had the money to fix it. To win a Home Depot gift card would be a blessing!

  8. Derrick Johnson

    If I win I would give it to my brother because his house got damaged in the floods that hit Louisiana in August and he’s still trying to rebuild.

  9. Amanda Ward

    I really need to paint our house! This would be awesome. I could do that and have extra to invest in more beauty to my home!

  10. Anthony Slover

    Put in the garage, so when hands full don’t have to fight the light switch

  11. corene h

    I would use the gift card to help remodel my master shower. It would be awesome!! Thanks for the great information and giveaway!

  12. Susan Johnson

    If I won, I’d start by purchasing a much needed new circular saw, and some lumber, to fix the frame of my couch that was dropped when I moved. I’d also buy the materials to fix my bathroom shower, replacing some damaged drywall and installing a new shower head. Actually, the list is endless! I would also love to have a couple of these Maestro Occupancy Sensing switches, one for my front entrance, another for my hallway, but I’m curious to know, if you trigger the sensor, then are finished with what you’re doing in the area, do you turn the light off with the switch? Or does it go off when you leave on some kind of timer? And, if you turn it off with the switch, does it still motion trigger the next time, or is it “off”? Thanks 🙂

  13. LynneMarie

    I would buy several things that I need such as a new garbage pail, garbage bags, light bulbs and a new lamp.

  14. Cheryl Everitt

    It will be put to good use. My husband and I are getting up in years – this would be perfect. PICK ME!

  15. shannon fowler

    Id gift it to my dad. he has always loved home improvement jobs, and with hi just retiring this could be a way to help him feel excited

  16. Tammy K

    I’d buy some of those outlet protector things they sell. The outlet in my apartment aren’t grounded, so that would be great. Thanx for the chance! 🙂

  17. Mary Ronan

    New baby so need everything to have a safe home and Home Depot will have what I need.

  18. Chrissy Kim

    My boyfriend is updating things in his home and I would LOVE to give this gift card to him. He goes to Home Depot as much as I go to Sephora. One time, he was supposed to come over, but hours later, I texted him asking where he was. STILL at Home Depot. I joked that Home Depot to him was Sephora to me. lol He would just faint if I won! 🙂

  19. Anesa N.

    Winning would be great! I’d use it to fix up the front porch and make the yard more enjoyable! 🙂

  20. rachel grover

    fix my bathroom up 🙂 pick me please! <3
    fingers are crossed! good luck everybody.

  21. Wendy McBride

    Wow! I would use it to buy joint compound and a textured roller to texture walls. I also would buy paint! I have been trying to fix up my home a little at a time and never have the money, so this would be a blessing for sure!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  22. Jessica Howard

    I would fix our front and back porch to make it bigger, maybe plant some flowers

  23. Claudia

    I would love to get more of the LED lights to my home. I am trying to replace the regular lights with LED lights and I usually buy them when they are on sale.

  24. Patricia Gawlik-Baldwin

    I would change my switches , now that I can see it isn’t too hard for me to do myself!

  25. Shonda Stracener

    If I were to win the $500 Home Depot gift card I’d put it towards a washer & dryer set!

  26. Tammy leehy

    fix broken light fixtures and ceiling fans in kids’ bedrooms and finish decorating and painting in kids’ bathroom including adding a shower head.

  27. Anita L

    Hubby and I have several remodeling projects in the works right now. We work on them slowly as funds become available. I would use this gift card towards helping to finish the projects!

  28. Julie Tardi

    I need a new fridge I already got stove a dishwasher at Home depot this year going to get the rest

  29. Rick J Bryant

    Bathroom Light/Exhaust Fan and new bathtub Drain and some Kitchen/Bath faucet fixtures and the like.

  30. valisa grimm

    We need to update our back splash in our kitchen! Will make a huge difference!

  31. Erin Walsh

    Probably buy plants for next years garden and a new, sturdier pole for the bird feeder. Thanks for the chance!

  32. Joni Mason

    I’m going to the after Christmas sale at Home Depot when I win! Pick me, please!

  33. Margy Richardson

    I have a running list of household to-dos but I think I would use this to get started on our back deck which is in serious need of repair 🙂

  34. Amy B

    I’d get Christmas storage boxes, Dremel parts for Pinewood Derby cars and random household & yard needs. THanks for the chance!

  35. Tyneisha

    Oh man!!! This would go right into my hubby’s wallet. He’s at Home Depot every week (feels like every day lol), getting things for home, work, the vehicles…things mysteriously get “broken” all the time around here and I think it’s really just an excuse for him to go shop at his favorite place, haha. So this would be amazing, thanks for the opportunity!

  36. Donna Brown

    We have a tremendous amount of home repairs to do for 2017 so this would be of great help! Would absolutely be elated if we won this! Thanks for the chance.

  37. Josie Lowry

    If I were to win the gift card I would buy an occupancy center for my kitchen, and finish retro fitting my recessed lights with LED trims.

  38. denise birdsong

    I would use the money to do little fix up projects around my house. Also I would start a garden.

  39. Donna brown

    Pick me please! I will spend it helping my daughter buy baby things. She is due in February!

  40. Lisa Lapiccola

    Get a railing for my mother’s home so she doesn’t fall going up the stairs again

  41. judith bachman

    I have an odd habitofleaving the bathroom light off when I’m in tere, frustrating and embarrassing others who think it is unoccupied. this would save many an inadvertent spying on me.

  42. Darcy Koch

    I honestly can’t say. I’d have to see what they had that caught my eye while I was there. But don’t let that stop you from picking me.

  43. Christine Labelle

    I could really use a new stove. I bought ours used 9 years ago and it’s on it’s way out. I would really like you to pick me!


    we always have some things that need fixing or changed/home is 50+ yrs old…thank u!

  45. Robert Puchalski

    I like this idea so much that I might install one of these sensors in every room of my house!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  46. Debera Solis

    I’ll put it in my son’s bathroom so it will turn itself off. My son’s good at turning lights on but not off.

  47. Jasen H

    I would install some new shelving in the basement if I won the big prize.
    Pick Me!

  48. Eloise Carlson

    I would buy my husband a new grill and accessories to go with it and maybe some paint to work on some home improvement projects around the house! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  49. Mary Berthelot

    I could definitely use some new sheetrock, some paint, new cabinets, recarpet my hallway……

  50. Linda Rice

    We are remodeling the livingroom. We need tile, grout, and mortar along with some new trim.

  51. Beth Minyard

    I would absolutely love to win this! We have a ton of home improvement projects that need to be done around here and that would be a tremendous help! Thank you

  52. Ali

    We purchased our first home recently it was built in 1978 and we are in the process of updating the lightning fixtures and new paint, and trim and a new sealed door.

  53. Tina G.

    I need to finish doing some painting and replace some drywall so this would be great!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  54. Alexa

    I would purchase drop-down attic stairs, plus any trim pieces and other supplies needed for making the attic easier for use (large board for floor safety, new light, etc).

  55. Jennifer

    I’d love to buy some wood and paint and create one of those table props for food photography.

  56. Shannon Orton

    I would install USB ports on my electrical outlets throught my house, so I can “charge my phone” everywhere.

  57. Mindy

    I would nudge my husband to finish one of the many home remodeling projects that he started.

  58. Jenny Ham

    I would use to for a new water heater mine doesn’t work you have to keep draining water to get it working.

  59. We are currently living in an apartment while we renovate our home. It needs light fixtures throughout as well as floor work. That is what I would be using it on!

  60. Sheila Branyon

    I would get new gas logs for my fireplace! Ours are 23 years old and don’t work any more.

  61. Tina Nichols

    I’d buy lots of light bulbs…good ones! Light bulbs burn out all the time in my apartment. My husband is more of the handy one between us. I’m sure he’ll buy lots of useful tools and other things that he’d like to have.

  62. Ro Smith

    I’d buy a new kitchen sink and faucet. No more leaks and it would look so good. Hope I win.

  63. Jerry Lafferty

    Winter is hitting hard this year so far, I think I would spend it buying new weather stripping for around our doors and windows, foam pipe insulation for under the house and a new water heater insulation jacket.

  64. sharpless

    Buy gardening and some shed building accessories to work on a new project my friend and I have started.

  65. Conrad Kovash

    Pick Me – and to answer- start installing as soon as I got home from Home Depot

  66. Michelle

    What would I do with my prize? Since there are four days left to this contest and where I live we’re being hit by a snow storm and soon a polar vortex…the first thing I would buy is…SALT!!! 😉 I’d also grab a bag of bird seed t feed the birds. 🙂 After that, I have a lot of little projects, such as replacing the sink sprayer, a new shower head, replace the light fixture in the bathroom and two ceiling fixtures in the kitchen. I’d stock up on light bulbs, paper towels, cleaning supplies…and I may even be brave enough to replace the workings inside the toilet. 🙂

  67. Nicole Henry

    So many things I could use this for. Home improvements, home improvements for our bird coop. Upgrades to the garage. A new smoker. The possibilites are endless! Pick me!

  68. Mary Sattler

    I would use this great prize by getting some outdoor lighting to beautify my front and back yards.

  69. Rebecca P.

    My husband has been wanting to get a leafblower and a new porch light and i would like to get plants, fertilizer and neem oil. i start my gardening every february for the summer.

  70. Julie

    We are wanting to paint my daughters bedroom for her Birthday so we would love to win this to help,out with paint…

  71. Elizabeth D.

    Would update the fan light combo in our bathroom. It hasn’t worked properly in quite a few years.

  72. pat jasmin

    very helpful in doing a new switch, I have some more things I have to fix and want to put in some new lights in the dining room the 500.00 would come in very handy.

  73. Mikki Anderson

    I have this same switch in my laundry room and a walk in closet and I love them. Neither room has windows and not having to fumble for a switch with your hands full of clothes is great. Lutron has an amazing line of lighting control solutions which a 500 gift card would make much more attainable for me!

  74. Elsie

    That gift card would come in handy for some repair caulk, light switch updates, birdseed, and pine wreaths for gifts.
    Thank you!!!

  75. Dan Lafferty

    I love this simply and easy to-do weeknight project. It makes perfect sense for everyone to install this.

  76. Senses people. First time I came across this sort of item was a bike shop’s loo/head/toilet. GREAT IDEA for a restroom. Its on my wish list for a new home, also on wish list.

  77. mat katz

    Pick ME!! My mother cant see so this would be great so that I am not walking around in the dark!!

  78. Jody Arbogast

    I would use it for a backyard project before Winter comes and settles in! Thank you!

  79. Anna Feliciano

    Would so love that light in the basement!! Little by little, doing home improvements yet this would be a big improvement in our home!! Thank you for sponsoring such a nice giveaway and paying it forward!!

  80. Kaylin Bruce

    Pick me! We have a TON of repairs needing finished in our home. Number on is a new front door. The weather stripping is completely gone and there is so much cold air coming in that it is hard to keep it warm in our home.


    Would love to put up a back splash in kitchen. Our kitchen could use many but that would be a start. Then counter tops after. Thanks for the chance. !

  82. Christie Turner

    What will I do?… um. yeah like my house if falling apart from some unknown leak upstairs…we’ve pulled the toilet and can’t find it… I will spend some of this to get the raw sewage smell out and replace the carpet padding…. thanks so much!

  83. Sherry

    I could use this for so many things!! We just bought a house and it’s in desperate need of TLC.

  84. Lisa Grassetti

    We just remodeled bathroom and now the cellar we are making a man cave. We tore it down to studs, now we have so much to do. Lighting, walls, paint, carpet the list goes on for what I am going to be buying at home depot

  85. Carol

    I need painting supplies and concrete repair supplies to fix up my windows, porch, and back steps.

  86. Rachel C.

    I would use my prize to help finish my kitchen, which I am currently stripping really old wallpaper from it’s walls and carpet from it’s floors. The gift card could help to reclaim the wood floors below, paint the walls, put actual lighting in this dimly lit room and so much more.

  87. kathy mcclanahan

    I have an unlit stairwell that I would install a light, it is much safer if you can see where you are going, especially if you are carrying things! Please “Pick Me”

  88. Dana Rodriguez

    Nice review! You made this look so easy! I really need a new washer and dryer so I would use this gift card towards that.

  89. Ilene Rose

    I would have Home Depot install in new floor in my family room. My current floor is curling up.

  90. Melissa Hartley

    Pick me!! I would probably get new laminate wood for my kitchen floor & both bathrooms.
    Thank you.

  91. Faye Gates

    Of course “Pick Me!” but I need some lattice, paint, and some screening to fix my doors.

  92. Carla Peralta

    This would be amazing 🙂 pick me 🙂 thank you for a chance to win 🙂

  93. abbie guerrero

    Pick me!! I’m building a home and it should be done by the end of January. I need to buy anything and everything so this would SO help!!

  94. shannon finer

    We need a new fence, BAD. I’d start with wood at Home Depot with this, thanks!

  95. Alexandra Martinez

    Get my mom new flooring for her bedroom-she did me the favor of adopting my dog, who ruined the carpet!

  96. debra dubois

    Please pick me we are finishing our upstairs in a Cape Cod so this would be a hugs blessing for my family. Our kids need bedrooms it a huge process but so worth the time to make our dreams complete.

  97. Carl Haddon

    Occupancy Sensing is such a great idea when you have a large house with children running all over! You can’t help but save money!

  98. cheryl larimer

    I would get a couple smart plugs; some new shovels and a push mower for next spring.

  99. molli taylor

    we would like to make a playset for our kids so this is amazing! pick me, pleeease!

  100. Sarah

    I would facilitate the remodel of my sister in law’s back room to a nursery. She’s expecting a baby girl!

  101. Jack

    I’ll use it for the entryway and the hall lighting.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Linda Szymoniak

    We’ve done some updates in our house over the past couple of years, but there are SO many things still needing to be done. I need to buy paint for three bedrooms, new lights for at least one of them, and wood and such for building shelves in all three of the rooms, too. We bought our vanity for our upstairs bathroom from Home Depot and I just love so many things they carry!

  103. Sedonya Moore

    I will build shelves for all my vegetables I canned this year. It would be amazing to have more shelves.

  104. Terry

    I recently moved into a condo and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. I would use the gift card to get some of these knocked off my list.

  105. Estella Caradine

    Since my washing machine is about to go out, I would buy a new washing machine.

  106. Pauly D Young

    I need a new Fridge. I would love to use this towards a new one. I love my Home Depot.

  107. Jayedee Dewitt

    Oh! Please pick me! I have so many projects that need doing I’d have do a blind draw to decide! Lol

  108. Brenda Nelms

    “PICK ME” I will use it to update the living room…its over 40 years old and could use some paint and new hardware, just an all around make over.

  109. April Landschoot

    Thanks for the chance at a great prize! My home could certainly use a Home Depot gift card!

  110. I’d buy wood and other things we need fixing up a 2005 camper. Seems like we need things like trim, sealant, floor boards and eventually floor coverings, etc.

  111. Debbie Welchert

    There all kinds of things that need to get fixed all over the house. The basement needs a new light fixture in one room and a new light switch. The kitchen needs a new faucet and we need some new plumbing to fix the dishwasher. I could go on and on but there are just too many small fixes that need to be done.

  112. Peggy Damon

    I would use it to help with buying paint and supplies to redo my my room that got water damage


    I would furnish my house with storage and shelving items, its much needed.

  114. Irina E

    I would buy set of car toys for my son and new boots for my husband. Thank you for this chance

  115. Starla

    This is so incredible! My sweet Nana actually passed away in May of this year. She left her home to me but it’s pretty large, 3 stories and needs a good bit of work done. I would use this gift to first start on the flooring and I would get rid of the old carpet and get hard floors! Fingers crossed!

  116. Sandra B

    I would love to purchase new countertops for my kitchen. We have those small ceramic tiles and they have chipped and the grout has stained. This would be an awesome Christmas present to me!

  117. Janna Johnson

    I am moving at the end of the month! I would use it for moving boxes, possibly a truck rental, new lamps, new rugs, and new shower heads! Thank you.

  118. Nora Tomlinson

    lol…pick me, pick me…my bathroom needs so many upgrades I don’t know where to begin!

  119. David

    I would use this to get my home ready for spring in several months. I would buy weed killer and grass seed, etc.

  120. Heather D

    We have some home projects that we would use this for. I’m sure my husband would want some tools as well. Crossing my fingers!

  121. Laurie Strawbridge

    Wow $500 for a shopping spree at Home Depot! I might spend it on a light sensing switch for our house. My 91 year old mother lives with us and it would be great to make it safer and easier for her!

  122. Crystal Raffle

    I recently moved into a new house and would love the money to go towards redoing it

  123. iris marx

    This would be amazing for myself as I am getting older and having the light come on for me would be great!

  124. Wendy Pesce

    Pick me! I would give it to my hubby to he could buy materials to build something!

  125. Steven

    We have these in a couple of our rooms and they really are helpful when your hands are full. Pantry and Laundry room essentials!

  126. Lyndsey Moya

    Building a new addition in the house for a nursery, still have four and a half months to go

  127. Gregory Ates

    I’d use the gift card to purchase some flooring so I can install it myself.

  128. Lynne Kinsey

    I will attempt one of the many projects that I never have time or correct supplies to accomplish, if I win.

  129. Alexandra Falcone

    Pick me! I need to replace 17 year old carpet with hard wood floors. Thanks!

  130. Jean Millsap

    Pick me! No seriously, I really need the Maestro and the Home Depot card to do it with! WEll, there ARE other safety issues and improvements needed to be done for the family!

  131. Bob Thompson

    I would purchase a few occupancy sensing light switches and use the rest for Christmas gifts.
    Thank you

  132. Shelli

    If I was to win, I’d gift it to my in laws! Their bathroom ceiling caved in due to the improper installation of an AC unit. It wasn’t sealed or hooked up properly and then we got a ton of rain. We’ve replaced a the section of drywall that caved but it needs to be gutted. I’d love to help them more! Thanks for the chance!

  133. tammy smith

    I would start buy more material to start working on our house and front porch. we been working on this for nine years and we still have so much to do because it just takes to much money that we don’t have.

  134. Jacqueline Morillo

    There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in my house, this would help immensely.

  135. Rachel Freer

    We need new flooring in the whole house but I would start with the entry way for now.

  136. Sarah Hirsch

    I would love to win and use this gift card towards a new tankless water heater because our water heater is leaking.

  137. Linda Wheeler

    I would use it to fix up my new condo and replacement the sink faucet that is old and in need of replacement!~

  138. b0nnie newman

    I would get a generator , so when the power goes out in the storms we get we still can function.

  139. Valerie Parker Thurman

    my youngest daughter was diagnosed with MS seventeen years ago and now the ravages of the disease have left her non-ambulatory. our house needs rails for her and bars in the bathroom so she can remain in our home as she’s only 41 and we don’t want to put her in a facility. thanks for the chance.

  140. Carolyn Hernandez

    I’d use the git card towards a new floor in my living room. The current carpet is as old as the house, which is at least 16 years old. It’s time for a new floor now. Even shampooing it over and over doesn’t help much at this point.

  141. Kelli A.

    I would buy invest in some supplies for our backyard garden, paint for the interior of our house. I would buy supplies for our garage DIY project. We are in the process of adding shelves, and getting organized.

  142. Karen Propes

    We are remodeling our home. We are working on floors and bathrooms. We may use it on floors or new sink cabinet.

  143. JoTasha

    the thought of doing any project that deals with wiring has always scared me but this seems so simple and safe. thanks

  144. Daniela Tapia

    This is super cool, I have little ones too that love to wake their mama up in the middle of the night because they cannot reach the light switch. This cool Maestro Occupancy Sensing switch is perfect for my bathroom and I would use the GC towards this or new kitchen appliance like a refrigerator and stove!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family !

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  145. sandra davis

    I need new ceiling fans and light fixtures for several rooms. This would be great for that

  146. Pearl Perez-Crooks

    I would probably work on our back room and get some professionals to rip out our ugly carpet and put on hardwood floors.

  147. Cheryl Brooks

    I need to paint the inside and outside of my house. 500 dollars will get me started.

  148. Monica Kirkham

    Finish my kitchen island project, and who knows what else, and… Pick me!!!! 🙂

  149. This would go towards renovating our laundry room. It’s one of the most important room in the house. We also need a new water heater.

  150. Carolyn Trepper

    I will actually START the kitchen remodel that we have been buying parts for, for the last 2 years! Thank you, in advance!

  151. David Hall

    Id buy some outside lights and fix up the ones on the inside to. We have a couple blow outs.

  152. Dewayne Bradshaw

    I would love to purchase gardening stuff. I am making an indoor grow room and still need supplies. I want to get an early jump on my spring garden.

  153. Nadia Martin

    I would buy some some christmas decorations because we don’t have a lot of money to even decorate. It would be our first christmas with decorations it would be amazing !

  154. angel green

    I would buy indoor shutters to replace the blinds which are a pain to clean, and also take down the dusty drapes. With shutters, the card would save me from a lot of work. Thanks!

  155. claudia davis

    I am just starting to redo my kitchen so any gift card for Home depot would be appreciated!

  156. Mike Small

    2 new toilets in my Mother and Sister’s home, a new bathroom sink, new kitchen faucet and garbage disposal, and of course, some occupancy sensor switches in the bathrooms.

  157. Geg Cecere

    I have some [plumbing problem that need to be fixed. I’ll put the card toward that fix!

  158. Denice

    If I was to win, we would buy more lumber and nails to build a better handicapped ramp at our lake getaway. We would also buy some paint to paint our bedroom in our home.

  159. Ruthie scarduzio

    I would buy the parts to fix our icemaker on our fridge. And buy some plants for our yard.

  160. greentopiaries

    Oh my, what awesomeness! I would probably buy a new washer as ours is just terrible. Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

  161. Mary Cloud

    I have a ton of home improvements projects that need to be done that this card would come in handy for.

  162. Laura lp Pitsos

    Oh my, where to begin. I have so many projects but I think I’d start with hand rails for the porch just to make it easier to get in the house…lol

  163. Sandra Piasecki

    I really need to upgrade some of my light switches and fix the tile around the vase of my new toilet.

  164. Jill Trevarthen

    Pick me! I would love to install one of those sensors for my almost 3 year old!

  165. Cindy A.

    I would use the gift card towards our kitchen remodel. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  166. anne

    I need a lamp to read all my great news books.
    I would love to have a great reading lamp.

  167. Andrea

    Changing out light switches, converting some to include USB, and changing out outlets is my next phase in updating our new (to us) home. Would love this!

  168. Sherri Gibson

    I might actually buy myself something! But I’d probably shop for family n friends…

  169. Linda Jackson

    I would buy some much-needed plumbing fixtures & supplies. Thank you for the opportunity!

  170. Devin Johns

    I love doing projects and built a mantle and industrial coffee table earlier this year, and has so much fun learning how to do everything. I love building things, so I’d probably use the gift card to buy materials for a new TV stand or maybe build a wood top for my adjustable desk that I want to buy.

  171. Connie Moore

    Due ti financial issues I am currently living in a 1985 RV. My dream/goal is to fix it & travel, however funds are tight & we don’t even have the money to stop the leaks in the ceiling. I would spend this money to finish my RV not only for traveling, but to prevent me from freezing as winter is rolling in.

  172. Anna Garris

    Love the fact you bought a Sensing Light Switch to help your family out. I feel would like to get some nice outdoor furniture. Thank you so much for this giveaway !

  173. kathy donley

    Pick me! My son has had a big hole in his ceiling for over a year. I would love to give this to him to fix it

  174. Teri

    If I win the Home Depot $500 I am going to get a new sink and vanity for our bathroom!

  175. Shannon K Waters-Mitchell

    Pick me, I would love to win, you make it look easy to install.

  176. Casey

    If I won, I would use the gift card to help get decorate my new house with a fresh coat of paint, wall trim and lighting!

  177. Amanda Welker

    I have one of these in my bathroom! I love it so much that I walk into other people’s bathrooms and forget that I have to manually turn on the light.

  178. Amy N.

    We have a few things to fix up before we leave our rental house, and we could really use a ladder for our next place! Thanks for this chance to win! 🙂

  179. Rosie

    I have lots of small things to take care of, and it adds up!!! I’d also love a porch rocker!

  180. Margaret

    Let’s see….if I won the gift card, my husband would like to redo the wiring in his garage. It’s not attached and the current wire is run through a pipe to a breaker box in the garage. He would like to put in a bigger pipe, better breaker (ground faults), and a security system. The card would be a BIG contribution to this dream. AND his birthday is on the 14th!! What a great late gift it would be.

  181. Ellen Kent

    I’d use the $500 prize to buy a water heater from Home Depot. Our water heater died months ago and I need a new one bad.

  182. Lenore Johnson

    There are a lot of things I need from Home Depot, but first I would replace my home’s front and back doors.

  183. Steven Blaser

    I will use the prize to buy organizational products for my garage. I have almost every tool imaginable, but my problem is finding the tool I need for the job I need to complete.

  184. Debra Surprenant

    My kitchen needs a redo…I would upgrade and modernize my outdated kitchen.theres a lot i could get done with $500 …

  185. Shirley Welch

    Good advice. I’d use the gift card to fix my leaky bathroom faucet, get some garden supplies and make a few “just because” purchases. Need some indoor and outdoor paint also.

  186. Angela Mccullough

    If I had the chance to win, I would use the gift card to buy supplies to remodel my new house. The gift card we be of some help to remodel my living room.

  187. Jennifer H.

    I’d put it towards a new washer & dryer for a big family Christmas gift 🙂

  188. Amanda LaFountaine

    We will use this to help my mother fix her house. After Hurricane Matthew hit, a lot of things really got messed up and neither her or myself can afford to fix a lot of it.

  189. carolee neal

    I would use it for bird and squirrel food supplies. We get so much joy from the simple act of watching the wild animals in our back yard.

  190. Maryse Rios

    We recently moved in to a new place, and, well, the short of it there is no end to the improvements and things we still need to buy. There’s so many things, I’m not even sure where to start!

  191. Brenda Goldberg

    We need to change out our shower knobs. We’ve studied online and think we can do it. Our back door knob needs replacement. I’m sure we would spend it on several needed home repairs.

  192. Heather Williams

    I DIG these switches. Funny how something so small can make a huge difference. I’d definitely get a few of these.

  193. David Smith

    I would expand my Ryobi One+ 18-volt cordless tool collection, probably a recip saw, LED light, nailer, impact driver, more batteries and whatever else that looks good.

  194. Terry Fritsch

    I look forward to wiring my house so my disabled wife has an easier wa to control the lighting.

  195. OMG! I know that story all too well! We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel….that’s what I would use this awesome prize for!! It would be SO helpful!

  196. robin patrick

    I didn’t even know what an “occupancy sensing light” was, but now I do. And it doesn’t look all that hard.

  197. Moraima Gonzalez

    oh my god i dont work and 500.00 gift card i fix a lot in my house specialy the bathroom nedda litle update please pik me

  198. I would use it for more home automation stuff. My husband has done some,but we would like to encorporate more. Like alexa(Amazon echo) turning off and on lights by voice command,etc.

  199. Teresa

    There are so many things I’d use it for. I would like a new microwave and a floor lamp for my son’s bedroom, just for starters. Happy holidays!

  200. D McN

    These would be perfect this winter when it’s too dark to see a thing all night and most the day.

  201. Candace Galan

    I really want to install new cabinets and lights over the kitchen sink, this would be wonderful!

  202. Cathy Bradford

    I would love to repaint my walls in my house and redo my kitchen cabinets. This would be a great start! Thank you for the chance!

  203. Terry Poage

    We are moving into a new house and need a fridge, so this would go towards a new fridge.

  204. Liz

    I’m getting ready to renovate my mom’s house so any new technology that can be used would be a great addition 🙂

  205. Frani

    Our County has installed them in all their rooms at the main office. They are really nice!

  206. JoeyfromSC

    I have a good friend who needs some stuff repaired in their home & can’t afford it, so I’d help them with most of if it & use a little for myself. Such a generous giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  207. Angela Williams

    Pick me, we live in a cottage home that literally has no light switches except from a ceiling fan/light pull string (in the bedroom, kitchen and living room).

  208. Terri Michaud

    My husband and I recently quit smoking! Yaaayy! Now my walls need new paint! If I win the Home Depot gift card I can use this to freshen my walls in my house!

  209. jules m.

    i would get a new dishwasher probably! we’ve been living without one and it sucks. 😛

  210. Katie L.

    My partner and I just put an offer on our first home TODAY and it was accepted! We definitely need this Home Depot gift card for our new place!

  211. Vee

    This is an interesting solution, but wouldn’t a stick up press on light at the doorway have worked cheaper and safer?

  212. T. Mc

    Love Home Depot. I would likely work on my outside space, please count me in. Thank you.

  213. Kate R.

    This is something we have been considering…As we travel often I truly appreciate this opportunity.

  214. Teresa Rollins

    I am a new homeowner looking to add appeal to my home and any feature that gives us the options of living in our home with safety is great! So please pick me!

  215. Amy Heffernan

    If I won I would buy a new bathtub and vanity! My bathroom needs a BIG makeover!
    Happy Holidays!

  216. Megan

    We have so many projects in our new house, but one is to update the outlets that the previous owners did not, and to install new ceiling fans!

  217. Jacqueline Nikolish

    My kitchen is a little dark and the light switch is very inconvenient. This would be the perfect solution so lights would go on when we walk in the room. I would use the 500.00 to go towards replacing our deck in the spring.

  218. Barbara Simmons

    I would save it to use on the addition we are building this spring. I can’t wait to have a real bathroom and not just a shower.

  219. kathleen decicco

    I will use it to purchase paint for the interior of my home. The home I just bought is painted in a circus clown/vampire/house of horrors color theme, and I need to repaint ALL of it!

  220. Norman Baier

    Have a number of projects that have languished for lack of disposable funds… We would finally take care of those!

  221. Rachel

    I love this! With $500 I’d figure out a solution to trigger my porch light to do something like this.

  222. Melissa Conley

    I’m going to use it in my living room. The light in there is constantly being left on.

  223. Casey Bruno

    I would actually love to get these switches, and a few other things to get my home a little more up to date.

  224. Vanesa

    These light switches are a great idea! Especially if you have forgetful relatives staying with you!

  225. Keitha Wilmeth

    I would use it to replace a couple of lights. One came in contact with a golf club. You would think the hubby would have learn after the first time it happened. LOL

  226. Lorin Montgomery

    With this prize I’m going to let my boyfriend get to work on making my home my more curbly appealing.

  227. Janey Cook

    Basements can be scarey. Great idea. You and Lutron make it look so easy even I, an old grey-haired grandma, could probably install. Thank you for the opportunity to win cash. This grandma doesn’t want her house to seem spooky to any of her grandchildren.

  228. Dru Freed

    Great idea for little ones but also for those absent minded teens who never Remer to turn off a light!

    I would use the money to update a bathroom!

    Merry Christmas!

  229. Angela Mason

    We just moved into our home 6 months ago. There are things that could use some repair. But what a great idea! I just may have to get a few of these as well! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with Love. Happiness, Joy & Peace!

  230. Morgan

    I’d use that prize money for new landscaping. My house was the last to be built in my neighborhood when the bubble busted and got all the left over plants! Two random holly bushes in the middle of the front yard. That’s it. Bam. And you can’t even put lights on them for the holidays because they’re prickly.

  231. Paula Diekhoff

    This is a nice prize! One thing I always try to do if I win a prize is to share part of the prize with 1 or more people. I
    would use part of the money to help 2nd Mile Missions in the Dominican Republic replace or repair playground equipment
    at the school. Then I would use my portion of the win to help fund a patio extension at our house next spring.

  232. Barbara

    Please pick me do I can use the card to buy new plants, soil & mulch to spruce up my yard!!!

  233. Heather Hollands

    I would purchase supplies to paint my living room, halls, and bathroom. These rooms could use a refresh.

  234. sally queen

    I’ll get something nice for my home an 8X10 rug for the living room a fridge maybe pick me!!

  235. Debbie Clauer

    I would buy the materials needed to repair a hole in the foundation in my solar room and another hole in its wall.

  236. Seth

    I need to remodel the second bathroom. It’s currently occupied by the cat’s litter box.

  237. Julie Cho

    Front half of our house lacks windows, so with a new door screen, we could let the sun in everyday!

  238. Jeanne Nelson

    Thank you for this opportunity. I moved back into my home after renting it out for seven years. Lots to do. I would use this money to do some landscaping and work on the guest bath. Thanks again.

  239. Joanne Ahearn

    I would install this near an entrance that involves going up a short flight of stairs in the dark before I can turn on a light inside my house. This would make that entrance much safer.

  240. Pamela Mullaly Kocher

    I would love to replace our entryway light with one that is truly my style.

  241. pat edwards

    Pick me… My husband would use this Home Depot card… for wood..(birch), nails, stain for a storage unit in our home… He is putting his saw too work. He has completed a side shed on the house ,it toke 3 to 4 months… with everyone helping… so we are putting him to work to use his fancy tools… He is a Mr. Carpenter now.. Thank you for the light input… He is busy at all these jobs..

  242. Madolyn Hayne

    What a great time of year for a prize! Every room in my house
    Could use a lift in decor! Or, upgrade appliances!
    Or, fix those irritating little problems that every home seems to need!
    It will be welcomed by anyone who wins! Thanks for a chance!

  243. Luci Buddie

    I plan on getting my house more eco friendly from top to the pictures in the article and I know home depot has great ideas for the new year

  244. Bailey Dexter

    Hubby & I are updating the kitchen, this would be perfect for the new wiring and beadboad,trim. As well as two new lights!

  245. Jen Neunlist

    I would so love to win this as we just moved into our new home and this would so come in handy for us! Hope to win and thank you for the opportunity 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  246. Ilene D

    So desperately need to repair leaky faucets, leaky toilet, cracked bathtub and more…$500 would help so much to replace some of those items and maybe get a working bathroom or kitchen sink again.

  247. Alona Y

    We have all kinds of little home projects we’d be excited to finally get done with this!

  248. Christine Herrera

    I really want to repaint the downstairs of my townhome. I would use the gift card for paint and supplies needed to do so….and possibly some new trimming!

  249. Stephanie

    I would use this gift card to help fix the little things around our house before we put it up for sale. So, pick me, because we could really use this!

  250. nosogirl

    I would look at putting in some new flooring, either replacing my hardwoods or carpet.

  251. German Lopez

    If i win, ill buy some much needed tools. Socket wrenches, open end wrenches, pliers, hammers. All that stuff us manly men should have haha


    No more night light burning for our 8 year old grandson when he spends the night.

  253. Ann Russell

    This would be stellar for my husband who can’t seem to turn off a light switch. It would keep the wall clean also as he reaches for the switch after a robust workout that deposits sweat everywhere!

  254. Christine Murray

    I would use towards the renovations of our house. Thank you for the chance. Merry Christmas.

  255. Elizabeth C.

    I’d put it by my staircase so I can carry laundry without turning on the light!

  256. Alex Walker

    how wide an area does it cover? My switch is about 2 feet inside the room. It would be great if the light went on before entering the room.

  257. Mary Hitch

    I’ve got some lights of my own that need some help. But I would probably buy myself a Dremel for some upcoming projects.

  258. Isabel White

    We are not finished with our cabin and need more insulation material and pipes to hook up our tub. That’s what I would use the gift card for.


    I;d install in my kitchen since I have to go across a dark room to hit the switch plate. PICK ME!!!!!!!

  260. Kevin Bartley

    I can certainly use a $500 Home Depot gift card — there are **lots** of things on my “Honey-Do” list that I could get with that!

  261. Andrea Peregretti

    I’d put this gift card towards supplies for converting our lift into bedroom!

  262. Erica Jackson

    I’d like to finish a bedroom remodel — flooring was out of my budget. I have cats and allergies, so laminate floors would be much easier for me to maintain.

  263. ken cook

    There’s this chandelier I’ve been coveting to replace the builder’s version in my dining room – that’s my first item at Home Depot that I’d use this for. Then I’d love to put in some LED strip lighting on the soffits over the walk to my front door that would be motion activated – aid when guests arrive unexpectedly after dark.

  264. Sarah Phillips

    If I was the lucky winner, I would use it to install some floating shelves and a cabinet in our apartment. I’ve always wanted to make a wall of “walking shelves” for our cat!

  265. Debbie M

    I think I’d leave this one to the pros, electricity scares me lol. I’d buy some of the materials we need to convert our former laundry room in the hallway to an infrared sauna someday.

  266. Angela Hendricks

    If I won I would buy smart home technology where I could control the lighting through my smart phone.

  267. Carol

    Dishwasher!! Most certainly I would buy a dishwasher. I am 40 and I have never had one at home or rented apartment!

    Doing the dishes by hand takes a lot of time from me that I could use for other things like spending time outdoors with my family, taking a course to advance my career or just simply reading a novel or watching a TV show.

    Good luck to all and may your Christmas present wishes come true.

  268. Elishia Bakle

    Pick me! But seriously first thing i would buy is a christmas tree! Also we have been needing a weed wacker and some other things around the house! My husband could really use a new drill!

  269. Tina G.

    I would purchase some paint and sheetrock because I really need to finish up some remodeling!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  270. Derek

    If I won this gift card, I would use it to build a cat condo and then maybe buy some holiday decor! 🙂

  271. Jill Wriston

    I have re wired some outlets, so maybe it’s time to try a switch. It looks about the same. Thanks for the video.

  272. Sarah Cool

    Pick me! If I won I would buy an ipad for my small business that I plan on starting in january.

  273. Sarah Cool

    Pick me! If I won I would buy some commercial grade clothing racks and some shelving units for an at home small business that I hope to start in january.

  274. Brenda Shermer

    If I was to win the $500 Home Depot Gift Card. I would purchase material needed to start my Tiny House.

  275. Brandi Young

    Pick me! Haha. My house is almost 100 years old so there is no shortage of needs a Home Depot gift card could help. Maybe paint my front door, repair the pergola and add some pots of lady banks roses.

  276. Christine Darrah

    Will buy wood pellets and give the remaining money on card to person behind me.

  277. tina mccallum

    Our whole house that we moved into last year looked like we transported to the year 1965. We have updated our whole house besides the master bath. $500 would help a great deal!

  278. Lisa Ogle

    I would most certainly buy some area rugs for my apartment,I have no furniture and no carpet some area rugs (or at least one) would be a nice start.

  279. Jennifer Webb

    I’m going to give it to my mom for Christmas if I win. That is one of her favorite stores.

  280. Sarah Oswald

    If I was luck enough to win I would use this towards getting a new fridge since mine is about to go any day thanks for the chance to win!

  281. Julie Durand

    I would purchase the Lutron Maestro dimmers for my house! I am getting closer to converting all my plug-ins and switches and have saved the 3-ways and 4-ways for last.

  282. Anne Tom

    Please “Pick me!” so I can make some much needed repairs around the house. Thank you!

  283. Lynda Christian

    I desperately need new carpeting, and although this won’t cover the entire cost, it will sure help.

  284. Tara Bixler

    My hubby and I have been doing a lot of home remodeling.We have recently taken over my child home home which needs lots of love.We recently have gutted and started turning a porch into a dining room.I would use this towards buying some beautiful lighting for above the dining room table and a few wall sconce for superior lighting.Thanks so much for the chance,best of luck to all!!

  285. amber

    Boy, my kids would feel a bit braver with lights like that too! I would use the gift card to finish the interior trim on our house.

  286. Jake

    My experience (as an electrician) with Occupancy Sensing switches is that they can be quite troublesome. Buyer be aware! I have replaced Occupancy Sensing switches over and over because of failures to continue to work properly.

  287. Genaia McClellan

    Pick me! We have a couple of botched home reno jobs that this would go a long way toward helping.

  288. Elizabeth Alvarez

    I love to paint and draw so I would use it to buy paint for the walls of my room! Half of my wall is blue while the other is light pink. I would also like to make the room more like a professional college student rather than a messy and busy college student that can’t even finish painting the walls!! I would like to buy plants as well to make the room feel more lively. So please pick me!! 😀 Thank You.

  289. Deb C

    We are doing several remodeling projects in the next few months. We’re in Home Depot at least twice a week so the gift card would be spent on a ceiling fan or a faucet or something else needed for the projects.

  290. September Whisenant

    I would buy these switches for every room in the house to end the constant battle between my husband and I over the lights in the house. He is forever flipping lights off because I happen to be out of the room for five minutes which gets annoying after a while. On the bright side, he is a master electrician so no need to hire a pro to install them.

  291. V

    My sister and her husband just moved into a new home, and a Home Depot gift card would make such a nice house warming present!

  292. MichelleS

    Pick me! Soooo many projects that need to be done, little money in which to do so.

  293. Max Minehart

    Pick me! Would be extremely useful to kickstart projects I’ve been putting off.

  294. Tasha

    PICK ME! I am a young home owner, mother of 2 little ones and a big DIY’er! I’m studying to become a General Contractor and open an Interior Design Business, so I am always trying to tackle projects on my own! This Home Depot Card would be a huge blessing!

  295. Carolyn Reilly

    We are building shelves in our (messy) garage. This would help with more organizational supplies.

  296. Brett Paschen

    A $500 Home Depot card would come in handy to replace the flooring in my kitchen and utility room.The vinyl in both rooms is 25 years old and cracking real bad.I would replace the vinyl with wood flooring.

  297. Julie Mulzer

    I saw a furry gray body inside the catfood bag. I spanked it and yelled. I thought it’s our cat. It froze I spanked it again it backed out. That’s not our cat. That’s a l
    Possum. I named it Spanky and put foodout for it. I named him Spanky.

  298. Sharon Bugar

    My husband and myself have poor vision so I woul definatley use the $500 to purchase some new lighting for our living room and stairs. It would give me an added sence of security.

  299. Sarah C

    I will fix our deck! Some of the boards are so rotten they broke this year and now our kids can’t even play on it!

  300. Christine

    I would love to win this! I would buy supplies needed to finish several projects around the house and get ready for a kitchen renovation.

  301. Patrick Johnson

    I had eye surgery a few months ago, and I have a much harder time seeing in the dark than I did before the procedure. Since then, my wife and I have gone through our house adding little night lights to make it easier for me. This prize would certainly help us!

  302. Would love to add these to our old house! We have kiddos who sleep upstairs and can be scared of the darkness and creaks of an old house.

  303. Deb

    So great for when you are coming up the stairs late at night with your hands full from all the stuff left downstairs. 🙂

  304. Karren McIntire

    With more than one school-aged child in the home, lights are ALWAYS being left on! Of course, the other issue is that the youngest child can’t seem to reach the switch and is afraid of the dark. This would solve all of these problems! I would use the prize towards the purchase of this magical device!

  305. Deidre Mills

    if i win, i’m going to surprise my husband with a new grill and then let him pick out whatever items he needs for a shower redo project we’ve been putting off. thank you for the giveaway!

  306. Addie

    Pick me! There are so many great things I could buy at Home Depot to make my home that much better!

  307. Jeff Mills

    If I win, I’m going to put it towards remodeling the master bathroom. My wife would flip out.

    Thank you!

  308. Richard Brandt </