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bruno on Dec 19, 2016:

Thanks to everyone who entered! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Jack H!

Michael Drews on Dec 15, 2016:

A water heater.. it just went! Of course there's a whole list that never seems to tackled.. we need a new front door, our fence is a mess from the hurricane and some normal wear and tear around the outside. Also saving for a new frig.

lisa Female mcfarland on Dec 15, 2016:

pick me

jeanette sheets on Dec 15, 2016:


Kalynn Carter on Dec 15, 2016:

pick me!

Connie Merritt on Dec 15, 2016:

Please pick me. I would make some much needed repairs to my house. Thank you for the chance to win.

sarah rainwater on Dec 15, 2016:

Pick me!
I'd tell my husband "please watch this video and hook this up for me'

Tammy Woodall on Dec 15, 2016:

If I won, I would finish renovating my bathroom. It's approximately 3/4 completed and this would give me the opportunity to finish the renovation.

Chava Zewicky on Dec 15, 2016:

I need to rebuild my basement staircase. Thanks for chance!

Amber Normandin on Dec 15, 2016:

This year we started homeschooling our 3 daughters. This coming spring I'd like to teach my girls how to grow their own garden. I want them to know how to live off the land if they ever needed to, but also encourage them to eat healthier and I think if they grow their own food,they'll want to eat it (hopefully!!!). So, I would use the gift card to buy supplies to build a garden. Thank you for the chance!!

Martin Scatola on Dec 15, 2016:

I'd put it towards a new appliance.

Brenda Haines on Dec 15, 2016:

I would put this toward finishing my kitchen. Thanks for the chance!

Jean Holland on Dec 15, 2016:

A $500 Home Depot Gift Card would be awesome.

Marla Jones on Dec 15, 2016:

Pick me please

Marla Jones on Dec 15, 2016:

Pick me please

Eleanor Cooper on Dec 15, 2016:

Pick me! Every room needs something like paint and flooring for the kitchen and family room, Thee list covers the whole house and just keeps going on and on

glenys on Dec 15, 2016:

need insulation bad. it's cold

Rosalee Jacklin on Dec 15, 2016:

The entire inside of my house needs to be repainted. I have been waiting to have the money. Also some rooms need new trim & my kitchen floor tiles need to be replaced. Thank you so much for the chance.

Cindy Cook on Dec 15, 2016:

I need a new floor bad! Thanks

lisa mazola on Dec 15, 2016:

buy some much needed things for my home

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