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18 Gorgeous Rooms Any Kid Would Love to Share with a Sibling

by on Jul 6, 2017

Whether your kids share a room because they want to, or because there’s no other option, it can be overwhelming finding ways for siblings to peacefully cohabit. Hopefully these amazing kids rooms can give you (and your kiddos) a little inspiration, and proof that sharing a room is fun and also totally doable, no matter the size of the space!   

1. A shared room with double twin beds

Don’t worry if you don’t have room for each bed to have a night stand. Simply put one night stand in the middle to be used by each bed.

An inexpensive place to find two of the same twin beds is at an estate sale in your area.

2. Triple twin beds for a fun, bunkhouse vibe

Need more room? If you have a large enough room, fill up the space with three beds!

3. Double twin beds, positioned foot to foot

If you have a narrow room, placing the twin beds lengthwise along the longest wall might work for you.

4. Double bunk beds foot to foot

A narrow room can easily be transformed into a four-kid bedroom with two bunk beds positioned foot to foot.

5. Who Says the bedding has to match?

If you have two kiddos with very different personalities, instead of matching the bedding, coordinate the colors.

6. Kids of all ages can share

If you think creatively by using the height in a small room, you can mix up the sizes of beds you need for your kiddos.

A smaller crib turned the opposite way makes this lofted bed area work for a baby and a toddler.


7. Big kids and babies can share

If this setup works for your baby and your older kids, the layout is easy to do and also can easily be transitioned.

8. Lofted Bunk Beds

These lofted bunk beds really work if one of the kids need a larger bed.

Fold-up desks create the possibility for a workspace when down and reading nook when folded up. The bookcase separates the two kids’ spaces nicely.

9. Bunk Beds with a Trundle

If you need an extra bed for visiting friends or cousins, purchase a bunk bed with a trundle pull-out.

10. Lofted Bed over two twin beds.

Build or purchase a lofted bunk bed and then switch out the bigger bed underneath for two twin beds.

11. Bunk Bed with Crib

Remove the slats from the bottom part of a store-bought bunk bed and place your crib there instead. When the baby is old enough remove the crib and install the slats for the lower bunk.

12. Use a divider to turn a large room into two bedrooms

I love this desk divider used to separate one room into two. I even love how the wall paper helps divide the girl’s side from the boy’s side of the room.

Ikea wardrobe systems are great room dividers, especially if you need more closet space in a shared room.

13. Store kids’ treasures above the beds

Kids = stuff. When you have kids sharing a small space, it can be a challenge to find places for all their things. In a smaller space, use shelving above their beds to store all these little treasures. It’s a small way to give each kid in a shared room their own little private place.

14. Two kids and a baby.

Bunk beds make anything possible! This room actually has transitioned as the kids have grown. See how here.

Roundup: Shared Kids' Bedroom
Apartment Therapy

15. Put bunk beds in the corner

This will work if you hae three or more kids who need to share a room. This is a perfect solution for grandparents who want to have a room for all the grandkids.

Neutral colors can help a calm a busy space, especially when your boys and girls are sharing  a space.

16. Platform beds with storage

Build a big platform to hold two mattresses with storage underneath. This looks like it would be perfect in an attic bedroom.

17. Build sweet built-in bunk beds

If you have mad carpenter skills – or are willing to pay someone who does – then the sky is the limit with custom bunk beds.

For all you vacation rental owners, custom bunk beds might be worth the effort and money spent. People love homes that have room for large families.

18. You can even put bunk beds in the closet!

Want to maximize the space in the room? What about bunk beds in the closet?

Roundup: Shared Kids Bedroom
Pin It: Shared Kids’ Bedrooms

Do your kids share a room? If so, how do you make it work? Please share!

Your kids need this mini DIY fish tank in their new shared room. And moms will love it (hint: it’s the only kind of fish tank mom will neverhave to clean).

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