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Anna Wolf on Aug 14, 2019:

I agree! Spraying really saves time and the result is stunning. But it also depends on the paint sprayer your using. I had a bad experience using one on our newly renovated home. I've used a low quality paint sprayer. It was a back job! Looks like your paint sprayer is great. I better try that on our home. Thanks for sharing Alicia.

Taylor on Aug 13, 2019:

Love all the tips on painting, I’m feeling much more confident taking on my new home project! Wondering though, where did you find this rug!?

alicia on Aug 07, 2019:

Hi Kathleen!

It took us about an hour to prep the room for spraying (there were three of us prepping). In fact, it may have been less than an hour. It really doesn't take much longer than just taping the room. You have to add a little time for the "pulling out of the drape", and taping it down, but it's minimal. Good luck with your project!

Kathleen Kinkella on Aug 02, 2019:

I'm curious - how long did it take you to prep the room with the tape and drape? (I've never prepped a room this much before to paint). And do you have suggestions for taping off textured ceilings? I've found that tape does not stick well at all to popcorn ceilings...

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