How to Make Fabulous Floral Arrangements with Grocery Store Bouquets

How to Make Fabulous Floral Arrangements with Grocery Store Bouquets

Having fresh flowers on my dining room table makes my whole day better, but I can't always afford to have an amazing arrangement from my local florist. Instead, I've found ways to make standard grocery store bouquets look like unique floral arrangements made just for me! If you enjoy playing with flowers (who doesn't?!) then you'll love this simple way to make fabulous floral arrangements with the bouquets you find in your local grocery stores. 

 Depending on the store, you may see that some locations with larger floral departments carry bouquets of all one type of flower as well as the usual variety bouquets that most stores carry. Either can be turned into a beautiful arrangement, but I'd recommend combining a variety bouquet with a bouquet of one flower that you like the most so that you can make it the centerpiece of the arrangement. I personally love lilies and always choose bouquets with lilies as the star. 


Divide the bouquet by flower/plant type (see above, from left to right):

  • Greenery 
  • Filler
  • Smaller filler flowers
  • Medium flowers
  • Centerpiece flowers

You will also need:

  • Medium-sized vase
  • Scissors/gardening shears
  • Clear tape

All of these flowers came from a single large grocery store bouquet. In this case, the arrangement revolves around the single stem of lilies. 


Choose a vase of the appropriate size and fill with water as well as the feed packet included with your bouquet. 


Apply thin pieces of tape in a grid pattern on top. Note, I've used yellow so that it's easy to see in photos, but you should use clear so that it is not visible. 


Trim stems at an angle and start adding some (not all) of the greenery in the outside edges of the grid, letting them cascade out of the vase as desired. Remember, you can always cut more off but you can't bring it back once cut!


Place the centerpiece flowers at the center of the grid. In this case it is one stem of multiple lilies that have yet to bloom.


Then space out a few pieces of the filler and small flowers around the inside of the grid, next to the greenery. 


You can slowly see the vase filling up. Around the middle, add the medium flowers, like carnations, daisies or spider mums.  

Lastly, fill in gaps with remaining filler and greenery so that the arrangement appears even and full. 

No one will ever guess that this was one of those classic grocery store bouquets once you put your personal touch on it! 

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