30 Galentine's Day Gifts to Buy or DIY

30 Galentine's Day Gifts to Buy or DIY


I don't know about you, but in light of current events, I'm feeling an abundance of gratitude for the women in my world. The future is indeed female, and when ladies come together, remarkable things happen. 

What better way to celebrate sisterhood than to treat your tribe to a Galentine's Day gift? I've rounded up my favorite gifts to give to your best friends, as well as a couple easy, meaningful DIYs you can create with your own two hands. 


To Buy

Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

1. Constellation Cross Stitch. Your celestial BFF will love their star sign embroidered in this sweet hoop. $30 from Cristina Makes Whimsey (I have zero experience with crochet, but I imagine this gift is totally DIYable).

2. Stars Hollow Digital Print. Honor your friendship and your devotion to Gilmore Girls with this digital downloadable print. $10 from Tipsy River

3. Badass Necklace. If your bestie is a badass (she is), she needs this necklace. We carried these in our last Niche pop-up and they sold out. I wear mine every day and its like donning a scripty superpower. $50 from Kris Nations

4. Magical Unicorn Candle. No Galentine's Day is complete without a quote from its Parks and Recreation founder, Leslie Knope. $28 from Let's Put a Bird On It.

5. Sparkly Sparkling Wine. You can't go wrong with wine. You can't go wrong with glitter. Combine the two and you've stumbled upon the perfect gift. $59 from One Hope Wine


Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

6. Bracelets for Your Tribe. Ampersands forevermore. $22 each from Mae Bee Jewelry

7. Bling Ring. Treat her to a gemstone cocktail ring that sparkles. $36.99 from Amazon. 

8. Custom Portrait. A drawing of your squad says it all. $59-119 for a drawing from Luv First Sight.

9. Thelma & Louise Tees. Friends 'til the end. $27.99 for a pair of tanks from Ninja Tees.  

10. Lucky Necklaces. A gift of good wishes and luck is the perfect galentine, because we all do better when we all do better. $9.99 for a pair of lucky charms from Urban Outfitters.


Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

11. Gold Heart Tumbler. A sweet reminder to stay hydrated. $12.99 from Target. 

12. Slay Print. #slay #allday. $4 from Planeta 444.

13. BFF Mugs. Simple, bold graphics for your best gal pal. $22 for a set from Shop Bando. 

14. In the Company of Women. This book, by Grace Bonney, is full of inspirational stories of dreamers and visionaries. $22.48 from Amazon.

15. Lips Print. Gift your best friend a bunch of Xs with this print. $20 from Amazon.



Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

1. Stamped Leather Bracelets. Your favorite saying, your best inside joke, on your wrist. 

2. DIY Foodie Friendship Bracelets. Tiny foodie representations of big friendship. 

3. DIY Lip Gloss. Plump lips, simple ingredients. 

4. Best Friend Art. BF art for your BFF.

5. Girl Boss Plaques. This tutorial is for gift tags, but these could easily become wall plaques for the ones who run the world. 


Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

6. Stamped Air Dry Bowls. Send a message to your dear ones. 

7. DIY Colorblock Necklaces. A pair of necklaces for you and your pal. 

8. Hot Sauce Bag. The perfect project to DIY for your Beyonce-loving friend.

9. My Life Would 'Succ' Without You. Because life is better with your bestie in it.

10. A Bunch of Balloons. A happy surprise for one lucky friend. 


Galentine Gifts to Buy or DIY

11. Homemade Heart Gummies. Satisfy her sweet tooth with these homemade treats. 

12. Hand Warmers. Handmade with love.

13. Mini Bouquets. Flowers are automatic day brighteners. 

14. Galentine Coloring Book. Make your bestie a coloring book with these printable sheets and a set of markers. 

15. Enamel Pins. 90s throwback for the friend you've had forever. 

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