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How to remake a chandelier

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I stripped an 80's chandelier down to its bones and I was hoping to re-make it into something neat. I have been looking for ideas and saw on on here that was pretty cool- it was painted orange, I believe. It was much more ornate than mine, however, and not exactly the look I think I am going for. Does anyone have any ideas for me? created on: 02/07/09

Thanks for any help you can give me!

I really like it just the way it is. If it were for my home, I would take apart the little flower-like bases beneath the bulbs, spraybomb the rest of it white, and then spraybomb the little flowers a soft pink. Then dangle some of those swarovski crystals or similar beads around each of the little flower bases, as well as around that little collar at the top. Cute light, I wish it was mine! ;) I like that it has so many bulbs, not like the typical thrift-store 4-bulb chandaliers I always see.

I would also say that some tiny custom-made shades would look cute but judging by the picture the lights are fairly close together, so it might look silly. I have these little cylindar-shaped bamboo yard light covers that would look cute, and since they are cylindrical (is that a word?lol) they wouldn't look so wonky. In that case I would spraybomb the whole light black or green and use those little bamboo covers as shades.  Good luck. This is a fairly old post and I'm sure you've solved your dilamma but still all the best!~

Hi there! I haven't solved my problem yet at all! So, I really appreciate the ideas. My kitchen is kind of a collection of vintage kitchen stuff- you know, the weird greens, red, yellow, orange. I was thinking of maybe putting a drum shade over it- but that would kind of defeat the purpose of redoing the underpart. I like your idea of putting some kitschy shades on it. Just to find them! :) Painting it black would be kind of cool- our walls are an ochre color. Thanks so much for commenting. I will show your comments to my husband- he thinks it's junk and should be in a dumpster somewhere. Men!

Ask a Question How to remake a chandelier