Ask a Question Help! What colors should I use for my living room & bedroom

Help! What colors should I use for my living room & bedroom

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created on: 09/26/08created on: 09/26/08created on: 09/26/08 

Please help me! I would like to change the colors in my living room and my bedroom. The yellow I used initially disturbs me somewhat and friends have said that it's a little too vivid. By the way, I'm color-blind, which doesn't help. This means I only tend to register colors that are really strong, so I can't rely on my own judgement. I would like both rooms to be relaxing and oasis-like, places I'm glad to hang around in.

I would be so grateful for any help you could give me.

Best wishes,

Johncreated on: 09/26/08created on: 09/26/08

Hi, there, Johnsongs!

Since I don't know anyone who is color blind, I'm not sure what's cogent advice to offer. I'm not confident how to obtain/accommodate both your desire for vibrancy ("colors that are really strong") and your need for the rooms to be "relaxing and oasis-like."

It looks like you've got a bit of a tropical feel going on. What about something in the soft/muted greens palatte? A soft sage for the living area, perhaps?  Or maybe something in the more neutral taupe arena? Another possibility might be a soft blue-grey. These color pallettes can be deep and yet still muted, therefore providing the serenity.

Paint is always cheap enough to try, and you could always use your desire for color intensity in choosing accessories that "pop."

Hi Qtpuh2tme!

Thanks for answering and for your suggestions. Perhaps my comment about my color-blindness was misleading; what I meant was that I can't choose colors myself, because I always opt for colors that are too vivid. That's why I need some help in this respect. I want something that is "relaxing and oasis-like", but that matches the rest of my decor and furniture.

Thanks again!


Hi Johnsongs!

I agree with Qtpuh2tme's suggestion about the muted greens. Any of those colors would give you the soothing feeling you're looking for.

You also might try applying a burnt sienna or lavender toned transparent color wash over the walls to mute the bright yellow.

Great idea about the color wash over the yellow walls. That would definitely tone them down.

Ask a Question Help! What colors should I use for my living room & bedroom