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Paint Center Island??

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I'm thinking of painting my kitchen island. The maple is so boring but I have a lot of stuff going on around it so don't want to get too colorful. Any suggestions?


created on: 08/20/08

My two cents? Leave it; I don't think it will fit in with the other cabinets if it's painted. At most, I'd re-stain it a slightly darker shade. Good luck!

Oops, and here's me thinking this would be about an off-shore home decorating store!!

For what its worth, I wouldn't paint it either. Why not paint the stools? Blue or orange like the pictures.

First, your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous! Second, I agree with Bruno, painting it would make it look awkward... but I like dark wood so I'd probably take some sandpaper to all the cabinets and refinish them.

Thanks to all respondents. Yes, I thought I ordered darker wood on the cabinets and was surprised when I got this 'natural' stain. Though refinishing is too much work for me, I agree, dark would be more interesting. Oh well, maybe I'll put a potted plant in front of it!

I'm a little late on the up-take here, as I just found Curbly, but what about tiling whatever wood surface on the island faces out (so it's seen when entering the room)? Tile is very easy to install, comes in a load of sizes, colors, even those already decorated/painted, etc.

A couple of options occur to me. 

If you paint, I might be tempted to pick up one or more of the colors found in the gray granite (or is it a solid surface material?) found in the countertop. A decorative, speckled paint treatment might even make it look like stone. 

A similar, even more convincing look might be laminating thin sheets of solid surface (think Corian, and other such materials) to the faces of the island. These thin sheets are also what's used to line showers. 

Alternately, you could paint a color that closely matches that of other tile in the room. 

Also, it's just a little bland, as is.  What about a slightly decorative baseboard molding along the floor line, and another to offer some ornament on the seam beneath the countertop. Might make a world of difference. 

Ask a Question Paint Center Island??