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Burlap on walls?

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Has anyone ever covered a wall with burlap fabric?  If so - how did you do it (wallpaper paste, fabric adhesive, liquid starch?) and how did it turn out?  Thanks in advance

You could upholster the wall.  If you want the texture but with a smooth surface, just mix up a homemade decoupaing medium--I think it's glue and water.  Stick up the burlap and then decoupage over it.  If you want the texture and realness of burlap, staple it along the top and down designated seams.  After you're done, add "gimp" with hot glue to hold it in place and cover your staples.

If I used the decoupage method, how would I eventually get the burlap OFF the wall? I was thinking more of using the burlap like wallpaper - right on th wall surface.  Maybe it wasn't such a great idea LOL.  Thanks for your post.  I'll let you know if I take the plunge - I'm not much on DIY or decorating but wanted to try this.

If you ever tried to take the burlap off the top layer of the wallboard would probably come off with it.  Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of removing old wallpaper can attest to this fun fact...


If you really want burlap on the walls I think the best way to do it would be the way they do taut wall curtains.  Attach a thin wooden trim to the top and bottom of the wall using screws, then staple the fabric to the boards at the top and bottom, in essence, creating wall panels.

Great idea.

Sounds like a good idea.  I'll post pics if I take the plunge. Paint is looking better and better...


I did this when I had my coffee roastery. We used the coffee bags because they had such great artwork...It looked really cool, too. I just cut the bags so they were one thickness and used a staple gun to attach to the wall. That way when I moved or needed to touch it up for whatever reason I just got out a flat head screwdriver and pulled out the staples and re-stapled another bag up. I think it would work much the same way using something a little less rustic than big burlap coffee bags. There were no problems at all and it was a high activity area...water, smoke, dust.  Easy to remove.

I would suggest using liquid starch with a paint roller, then apply the burlap, then finish top and bottom with a nice stained wood trim.

A site talking about using burlap for a variety of things (pretty positive). Make me happy as I'm considering the same as the house I bought has a nice front porch, but when I went to paint I realized that the surface of the walls is pretty rough and shows all the imperfections (probably why it was such a drab low gloss brown). Was thinking maybe burlap on walls and a faux tin ceiling, not sure yet,


February 2012 issue of House Beautiful show cases a room with burlap textured linen on the wall with a great shade of Chocolate Brown painted over it (page 68), thinking of redecorating my dining room!!!!
Ask a Question Burlap on walls?