Ask a Question HELP! My NEW Steel Bedframe squeaks!

HELP! My NEW Steel Bedframe squeaks!

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My boyfriend and I recently (less than 2 months ago) bought the cute and inexpensive Ikea Leirvik bedframe (

About a week ago, we noticed that it started squeaking in the back corner and has since grown to a loud squeak whenever my boyfriend turns during the night.

We've tightened the screws, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. To be honest, I think the legs are too dinky for the weight of the bed, and since we moved it a few times since assembling it, by pulling (not a good idea in hindsight) the legs are the real problem. They're too tall and wobbly.

So beyond trying to silence the squeak, I'm looking for suggestions of how to reinforce the legs (if that's even possible). Or of other suggestions to help me sleep through the night again. The whole frame is powder coated steel.

Seriously, I'll be forever grateful :)


Try dusting the joints with corn starch.

Good tip @tru! Does it really work?

Haha I may never know if this works as we returned the bed months ago for store credit and upgraded to the much nicer Hemnes bed :)

But, not wanting others to fall for the charm of the Leirvik, my boyfriend diligently leaves a note on the display Leirvik in every IKEA we've visited since, that says: DO NOT BUY THIS BED. IT SQUEAKS.

We had same problem a few years ago, not with a Ikea bed , but it was also a cheap one. Ma father gave us an old bike tyre, and we insert little pieces of it in the squeacking spaces. It worked!!

Ask a Question HELP! My NEW Steel Bedframe squeaks!