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Cheat sheet downloads

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Love your site and I am following you on pinterest, but I have been trying to download the "clean like a maid" cheat sheet and I can't find it, nor have I been able to download any of the other cleaning sheets.  Are you going to pin the "clean like a maid" on pinterest?

Hi! You can get all our cheat sheets at our Facebook fan downloads page:

I don't have a facebook by my own preference.  I do receive the newsletter but I can't seem to be able download the sheet - any suggestions?

What they said, me too.  I'm not on FB but I get the newsletter.  Please tell us how to download all the cheat sheets.  Thank you.

Yes please - I don't use facebook  for this stuff and have previously gotten the tip sheets just fine. I wonder what the problem is with this one!

Hi guys,

You should have gotten a link to the cheat sheets when you signed up for the newsletter. If you were previously signed up, you'll get a link in the next one that goes out (on Thursday). Thanks!

@tcprst1 - it's there!

To download it, you'll need to either sign up for our newsletter, or like us on Facebook

I'm already signed up for the newsletter and a fan on Facebook but the kitchen, bathroom, and organizing cheat sheets aren't on FB.

Ask a Question Cheat sheet downloads