Ask a Question Advice needed re painting dresser/buffet

Advice needed re painting dresser/buffet

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Hi everyone,

I would like some advice and/or tips on painting this dresser. It's more like a buffet-type but I use it as storage for fabric. I'm still in the process of removing the layers and layers of paint. I wanted to stain it initially but I don't know if that's possible.  Any advice on color, techniques and anything else would be greatly appreciated. I'm a complete newbie at this. Thank you.

If you have several layers to remove I would suggest a paint remover liquid or gel from home Depot that you simply apply with a brush to the surface, let it sit and then scrape off all the paint. It's much easier than sanding through layers. Then sand your piece with an 60 grit sandpaper, then a fine grit like 120, to get a soft finish. Then you are ready to stain. I love Miniwax Stain. polyurethane is a great sealer for wood. If I paint in a lighter color I will use polyacrylic (it's water based)  to seal the piece. polyurethane tends to yellow the color slightly. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Hi Sarog,

There are lots of great tips in this piece:

Though they're removing a clear coat and not paint, the process is similar. You'll just need to use a rougher sandpaper. You might need to strip it, but that's not something I'd suggest to most first timers, since the chemicals are pretty intense. Take it to a professional to remove the paint, then you can stain as you please.


Ask a Question Advice needed re painting dresser/buffet